Eliza chapter 183 – Ergnade’s ridicule

When I took Eric to the conference room, Wiegraf and General Commander Rolentsor welcomed him as if nothing had ever happened between them, and began making preparations for the formal declaration of attack.

Since bringing up the fact that Eric had refused to grant permission to attack before would benefit no one, and only us here know about it with me being the messenger between them and Eric, it’s treated as an open secret.

In any case, this troublesome problem has finally been resolved. As for the preparations for the formal declaration of attack, it’s not anything that I need to be involved in. I just have to wait for my next orders.

In order to use our time more efficiently on other work and various matters, Ergnade and I left the conference room first since there was no meaning to us being there at the current time.


“You still care about that in the end?”

“……So disrespectful, as expected.”

“Who might you be referring to, I wonder?”

On our way to the training grounds, Ergnade laughed coolly as he walked next to me. I felt rather annoyed at his expression that said he wouldn’t give up on this topic, and I sighed.

“I wouldn’t mind if you stuck a little closer to me, though. I wager I would have won the bet if that was the case.”

“Could you stop playing games about betting on people?”

“If I remember to, let’s do that next time.”

Well, what he was betting on was most likely whether or not Eric would give in to me in the end. The players in their betting game were Ergnade, Wiegraf, and Marquis Rolentsor. Given their personalities and understanding of me, I believe that Wiegraf most likely won their bet. He used to be the strategist for Fort Jugfena, and he has a sharp mind.

“Because Eric’s attitude didn’t soften at all after coming here, I thought that he wouldn’t be able to change. You were probably also able to cancel out his bad attitude towards you because of his loss of status, right?”

“Well, it’s developed into a factional struggle, to the point where one faction completely overpowered the other.”

Ergnade means that Eric having come here also affected his standing with the crown prince. To put it simply, he lost favor.

I want to have an appropriate political distance from the crown prince and Grays, as they will probably become the next king and archduke, and it seems that the general commander’s grandson wants to make friends and hang out with me, as long as it doesn’t cause me to get too close to the crown prince, I’m fine with that. In that regard, Eric whose status is sort of low despite his noble rank is just perfect for acting as a barrier between us.

Eric, who is the son of a concubine, started an entire factional struggle at noble school over a personal feud because of my mock duel with Sieghart, and in the end the royal army’s highest-level commander Marquis Rolentsor and Archduke Dovadain both learned about it and had to take action.

This was clearly a black mark against Eric. Of course his social status and power would be greatly diminished.

“Well, I found it unexpected that he would abandon his rigid way of thinking and change. I thought that you wouldn’t be able to break him, and that we’d have to enter battle without the ability to attack as we wished.”

I knew that full well. As a last resort, even if it caused the royal army’s morale to drop dreadfully low, I planned to have the Kaldia army and the Fort Jugfena troops slaughter the enemy’s slave soldiers acting as meat shields that the royal army wouldn’t be able to deal with. If it became necessary, I was also prepared to request reinforcements from Margrave Genas.

“I wasn’t about to allow him to continue thinking the way he did.”

“Well, that’s just how it turned out. But, even though it wasn’t necessary, why did you make the effort to fix your relationship with him?”

I formed my mouth into theへ shape. He suddenly changed topics to this one, was this something he planned on asking all along?

“……I mean, I cared because I found it nostalgic, it……”

Just as I sighed deeply, Ergnade exploded into laughter. While he was laughing heartily, I glared at him with my eyelids half shut. That’s why I hated the idea of saying it out loud. I thought about summoning Rashiok and having him toy with Ergnade, to get back at Ergnade for this.

That’s when it happened.

From in the distance, we heard a low booming sound, together with the impact of the ground shaking. Ergnade and I both froze, and looked at each other.

“……That was from underground.”

“The captured children……!”

“I’ll go there first. You should call Rashiok to come with you.”

I nodded, as Ergnade ran off first while adjusting his black uniform. I’m going to go straight after him as well, but first, I went out of the hallway, and blew a high-pitched sound with my fingers in order to summon Rashiok.


26 responses to “Eliza chapter 183 – Ergnade’s ridicule

  1. Thanks for the chapter !
    Hehehe I bet that damned Eric drag himself with shame at school.. Maybe Eliza next crown prince’s aide ?


    • Because you would expect them to have been searched before been put inside the cell XD
      Well, bombs are older than guns, so it makes sense to have them here XD

      Thanks for the translation!


      • But no matter what, I think they wouldn’t have allowed any unknown belongings of the kids to remain with them, right?
        Hmmmm I’m suspecting that Rindarl made the children bomb mules or couriers of some sort, by making the ingest(?) the bombs then it will blow up since the time comes. If this is the case, that’s sick. I’d like it very much if Eliza would slaughter all of them.

        My mind always comes up with worst case scenarios since this novel doesn’t hold back, anything gruesome could happen


      • To eat explosives is ….not healthy XD
        Well, thats quite a sick possibility, but it is possible indeed…. but makes my stomach hurt just thinking of it T_T


      • It might be that it was some kind of magical bomb, which there was no way to know of it. After all Eliza only knows that there is magic for controlling beasts and magical beasts.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It is so Eliza that unlike other nobles that wants to get close to the crown prince and future archduke, she wants none of it. Also the fact that she’s still as ruthless as ever when her Plan B is all about just slaughtering the meat shields without batting an eye amazes me. But this ruthlessness doesn’t change the fact that she’s so cute. Really, Eliza’s such a tsundere and her family especially Ergnade know her so well to the point he can toy with her. But Ergnade! He’s a brave one! Love it how Eliza doesn’t faze him even one bit. He continues laughing even though Eliza is already coming up with plans on getting back at him with Rashiok. I really love their interactions EVERY.TIME.

    Anyways, WHOOOOO! FINALLY SOME ACTION! Been waiting for this since Day One of their arrival at Fort Jugfena.


    Liked by 3 people

    • Haha, ironically, if you think about it, a highly competent subordinate that does her job seriously but expects nothing in return, is in turn more likely to attract attention from her superiors. I mean, it should be obvious to the higher-ups now that Eliza isn’t some untrustworthy person who’ll undermine you for the sake of her own political and personal ambitions. Since after the Nordsturms fiasco, a lot of nobles were purged, there is probably a power vacuum and a lot of potential responsibility to dump onto someone you know will do the job seriously without trying to do something fishy. And she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty when necessary, even if it means taking the brunt of criticism so that another faction could retain a ‘clean’ image.

      Since we know that the King and the Prime Minister (and even the Commander in Chief) have their eyes on her, I expect a whole lot of responsibilities dumped onto her in the near future. Which is sadly exactly what she’s trying to avoid. x’D

      Liked by 2 people

    • I can expect some nobles would not want to for the same reasons:
      They don’t want to be pawns in a much bigger game. Too risky.
      It’s one thing if you’re already born to a high position and you have no choice. But I can easily picture somebody else being too intimidated by the idea of playing the game of thrones.


  3. Ratoka better not be in that room when it happens…

    After all, with his look and occasional body double duty, it’s not hard for people to think he’s related to Eliza (which he is) and want to kill him to shake her up.

    Though in this case it’d be shaking a very, very angry hornet’s nest if that happen.


    • They were trying to target Eliza since they asked if the red eyed vampire is at the fort and the spy child with the bomb thought ratoka was Eliza. Unfortunate to see him go but meh, Eliza can become more creative in dealing with prisoners. Densel soldiers can be dearmed and blinded then sent back so they’d be a drain on their resources.


      • I really hope that’s not the case. I’ve invested a lot on his character already and if he dies now especially when he and Eliza are already friends, that would be really make me cry.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Huh! Did Eliza drag Eric here on purpose knowing that it’d immediately undermine his position? Or is that just an unfortunate side effect from a plan meant primarily to resolve the fiasco at school? Ergnade seems to think that Eliza went out of her way to help Eric. … did she? Well, she Was pretty patient with him, all things considered. But he Is her classmate and she Does consider him to be somewhat like a kid, so it wouldn’t be too surprising if she didn’t want him to ruin his life completely?

    That said, haha, what are the three old guys doing, betting on Eliza like some silly uncles? xD


    • Eric was the one who undermined his position, what with him starting a factional war at the school in the first place. Which is why the guys higher up were so quick to accede sending him off to give a few speeches at the front line in the first place.

      Eliza just made use of that situation, in hopes to resolve it (in her favour) and calm things down. (Though the last few chapters do show that she’s at least sympathetic towards him.)


  5. Welp…there goes our intermission, and our stage opens up to a scene of bloody war. Ah, I hope that not all the kids died…I hope that Ratoka is far away from that location and is not caught up in it. I seriously do not want another Kamil event to occur ;; u ;; )) Have mercy on us readers pls? Thanks for the chapter aha~


  6. Hmm, I feel rather annoyed by Eric. I understand that he is just a child, yet he lets his decision clouded by prejudice and self-importance back to his action against Eliza in the past. I’m also annoyed that the underaged boy is in the position to make decision about whether the troop should attack or stay passive. This is the real world right? Nobility is just everything. And that’s why maybe it’s best for Eliza to have last life’s knowledge and maturity to tackle situations and events in this life!


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