Eliza chapter 185 – Tracking the children in the underground passage

Rashiok ran at full speed through the fort’s narrow passages. On our way, we happened to encounter Claudia, and I picked her up. ……Or rather, as always, Claudia did something incomprehensible like managing to jump onto Rashiok’s back on her own while Rashiok was at his top speed.

“What are you looking for, Eliza-dono?”

“……The captured children.”

“Did they escape!? So, that means the ground shaking earlier was caused by them.”

“It seems that way.”

“Man…… Even though they’re enemy soldiers, I don’t really like cutting down children. Normally I would use a spear to knock them unconscious, but in the narrow spaces of the fortress, there’s not enough space to wield a spear. What should I do? If I knew this would happen, I would have made the edge of my sword blade duller.”

……The Kaldia army has encountered child soldiers on the battlefield several times now. I always thought that there were quite a lot of them that ended up as prisoners of war before, was it Claudia’s handiwork

Even if they’re child soldiers, no, even if they are, anyone that attacks my troops will be treated mercilessly by me. People getting injured or killed in the process of fighting is just standard in the course of war.

I wonder if Claudia has only been knocking people unconscious so far, after all this fighting. I thought about it in surprised silence as my shoulders drooped, while Claudia who had no idea what I was thinking but sensed my mood asked me “Eliza-dono, are you feeling alright?”

While she kept chatting on and on, I bit my tongue, and just as she finished, I accidentally bit my tongue too hard by accident. Indeed, I’ve never personally witnessed Claudia ever killing anyone.

The escaped child prisoners seemed to be heading down an underground passage that I wasn’t familiar with. It’s an intricate underground passage system that spread out like a labyrinth below the barracks and training grounds here.

Usually, the soldiers at Fort Jugfena don’t use these passages. Some of the passages have been crushed by falling rocks or disrepair, and it was forbidden to enter them due to the danger.

The underground passages weren’t very high, the height wasn’t enough for me to ride on Rashiok anymore. While having Rashiok follow behind me, we hurried as much as possible while muffling the sound of our footsteps.

“Are they really down in here? Aren’t some of the passageways blocked off?”

“The children seem to possess some sort of explosives.”

“What are explosives?”

“……Weapons similar to the ‘big tube’ (cannons) and the ‘short-tubed fire-arrows.’”

“Ohh, those! I see, short tubes aside, the big tubes are capable of firing huge rocks that can easily blow apart any stone walls or debris. ……However, how are they using such a weapon?”

Well, if only I knew, I’d feel less stressed. As I talked to Claudia while continuing to progress down the passageways, boom, there was another impact as the ground shook again. From the ceiling, some stone flakes fell.

“……Isn’t this a bit dangerous?”

“Considering that this could easily trigger a full collapse of the tunnels, and that we don’t know when it could happen, yes, this is probably quite dangerous.”

“……We need to hurry up and capture them. I’d rather not be buried under tons of rock.”

I thought privately to myself that Claudia would probably be alright even if she was buried under tons of rocks, but I kept that thought a secret.


As we progressed forward, the deterioration of the passageway became more apparent.

“They’re there……”

In the dim passageway, we could see the light shining off torches reflected by the children’s silver hair. It’s the escaped prisoners. They seemed to be hiding in the collapsed debris and looking around to watch the situation.

“Tsk, this is a dead end.”

I heard the clicking of someone’s tongue as someone spoke forcefully and irritatedly in the Rindarl language. The voice belonged to a young girl. Because of how quiet the tunnels were, it was easy to hear her voice clearly.

“Well then, what should we do?”

When the girl turned around and talked to the other children, the slave children all began whimpering. If Ratoka’s report was correct, is this young girl the one that threatened all the other prisoners and brought them out? She was probably the one that caused the explosion somehow, but how does she keep several tens of prisoners obedient to her with that tiny body of hers? Does she have a collaborator?”

“……Hmm, Sharma. You’ll do just fine. Weren’t you complaining to Vanita just earlier how tired you were?”

You’ll do just fine, what does that mean? We didn’t understand what she meant even though we understood the Rindarl language, so Claudia and I tilted our heads.

However, it seems that those children understood perfectly well what that girl meant. In the flickering torchlight, it was clear to see that those words caused them to move about uneasily. Simultaneously, the piercing sound of children wailing echoed throughout the passageway. The crying girl named Sharma who was singled out by the petite girl was suddenly knocked against the wall somehow, and just as I was furrowing my eyebrows, wondering what occurred, that’s when it happened.

The other children rushed out back in our direction. They abandoned the crying girl named Sharma that was pinned against the wall.

“No!! No!!! Vanita, help, me!”

Was she made unable to move anymore, the girl that had been screaming all this time suddenly fell strangely silent.

Then, in the next instant – pop, I heard an eerie sound of something liquid flowing. And then boom, an explosion occurred for the third time today.

As Claudia and I remained crouching against the ground, we were still quite stunned at what just happened. It was dim and vision was poor. I wasn’t absolutely certain. However – however, what just happened, was most likely.

“……Using a shorty like Sharma, even if I blow her up, the explosion’s power seems to have decreased, I guess I should have expected it.”

As the debris started settling down after the explosion, the petite girl started talking to herself, and my suspicions were confirmed.

That girl was using the other children themselves, as explosives.


44 responses to “Eliza chapter 185 – Tracking the children in the underground passage

  1. I… Thought about bomb children briefly when i read the previous chapter but i thought there’d be no way…

    Th-thanks for the ch-chapter…


  2. now we know how they exploded stuff
    with this we havr both the magic beast controler and the exploding girl probably linked to magic that uses blood as a medium or payment

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    • ratoka/other people would have noticed if she used blood or some other medium or payment, she probably use something seemingly harmless


    • o 3 o )) …shhh. This section is dedicated to our dark loli, Eliza. Not exactly the right place to talk about the NEET WN lol. Besides, NEET won’t be posted here but on another site from here onwards, according to the info on the last NEET update.


  3. I kinda expected them to have bombs inside their bodies (like that one Dark Knight scene), but I suppose magic makes more sense in this situation. (Since primitive bombs implanted in tiny kids would be failry obvious.) Still… gruesome, though. I wonder what kind of conditions she needs to fulfill, it’d be rather crazy if she could simply explode anyone at will.

    Welp, time for Eliza to save the day again and kill that little monster right quick.

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  4. Th-thanks… For the chapter… Oh My God…
    Yup, that little girl deserves to be killed… ASAP!!! Before she kills other children. GOGOGO CLAUDIA! OUR INVINCIBLE SHOUNEN PROTAGONIST!

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  5. This is way crazier that what I thought at first thay they put bombs inside children. Instead, they used the children as bombs themselves and worse, they use another “child” to blow them up.I hope Eliza will punish her as she saw fit. NO MERCY! NOT EVEN TO A KID!
    Oh, I’m also curious where Vanitas is. I hope he doesn’t have any connections with these guys. I want more allies for Eliza. Fingers crossed here.

    Ha! This novel is crazy! I LOVE IT!
    Really, thank you imperfectluck that you always bless us with this gift.

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  6. This girl sounds like an otomege protagonist. If that’s right, then she must be killed here. That way, the otomege will never start and the world will be at peace.


  7. I can imagine Eliza going up to that girl and saying as she slices her throat
    “Look Claudia, even children can kill, so don’t hesitate bringing one down if needed”

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  8. Thank you for the chapter
    So it was as I said, a magic explosion, not quite as I expected, but still gruesome.


  9. Ouch, instead of killing children herself, there was always the option to just knock them out, but Eliza never even considered that. Now Eliza’s depressed. Oh um… Look Eliza! There’s a kid there who’s even more murderous than you! Cheer up? 😀

    In other news, Claudia continues being an upright protagonist. Did she really never kill anyone? It’s a bit baffling that she’s so loyal to Eliza, and never even said anything regarding Eliza’s actions. Perhaps she acknowledges that Eliza doesn’t have a choice?

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  10. Thanks for the chapter! Eliza meets a kid who’s crueler than she… exploding other children like damn. Some one gotta stop that lil girl.


  11. Evil psycho demon mage 😮 Detonating Children as explosives how absolutely horrible… Either Eliza herself should deal with this ASAP or if others are right perhaps Eliza should send Claudia the shounen protagonist to resolve the situation assuming that genre rolls would play out?
    The real worry is what are the trigger conditions to detonate a person with that absolutely horrible magic? And what other unspeakable horrors the Church of Densil has 0_o


  12. Is it possible that the little girl is another reincarnator?

    And one who was a psychopath in her previous life? Not the main heroine but another. It won’t be too far a stretch since Eliza herself is one. It’d explain the behaviour and malice.


    • All you need is a good brainwash while growing up and you will turn into this kind of psychopath, since our values are directly related to the society where we grow up. :p
      So, for her, what she is doing is not bad, because the way she sees bad and good are different. Its like killing a bug, you wont feel wrong about it because… its a bug XD, for her maybe slaves are the ‘bugs’ or the ‘tools’ and she is just killing/using them as she thinks is necessary.


      • Seriously questioning the kind of country Rindarl is supposed to be when it protests Eliza’s inhumane impaling of captured soldiers when it sends magic users who would burn down towns/holy places with magical beings and little girls who blow up children


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