Eliza chapter 187 – Minefield of flesh and blood

Suddenly, the shaky children in the tunnel started screaming. Probably because she knew that an attack was coming at the same time as her planned prison escape, Mefuri was the only one looking at the ceiling calmly.

Her attention wasn’t on her surroundings, and her vigilance level was somewhat reduced – this is the best chance for an ambush.


I pushed on Claudia and Rashiok’s backs. One human and one beast…… or should I say two beasts? They jumped out soundlessly from the rubble as if they were shot out of a slingshot.

The sounds of the children screaming increased in level and kept echoing as the tunnel fell into complete darkness. While blocking my ears with the collar of my coat, I focused all my attention on what was happening in the darkness.

I could barely make out the figure of Rashiok lightly tossing aside and gently throwing them against the wall in the commotion. I couldn’t tell what Claudia was doing.

“Shut up!! My head hurts, so you bastards need to shut up immediately!!”

Mefuri was shouting hysterically above the din. It seems that she was still childish in this aspect. As expected, her voice echoed in these tunnels, and I was able to roughly guess her position.

Like this, I might be able to defeat her…… But yep, it happened just when I was feeling a little relieved.

Pop, there was an unsettling sound. Just then, one of the children that Rashiok lightly bit and was tossing away, turned into a small explosion by his nose.

Boom, and since Rashiok received such an impact at a close distance, he started howling.

The smell of burnt flesh spread wider within the tunnels. I realized that Rashiok had instantly distanced himself from the remaining children by taking huge strides.

It was silent for a moment. And then, the children became more panicked than earlier, as Mefuri made her move.

“……Heh, ahahaha! Idiots!! You’re really idiots!!”

The girl who was laughing in a high-pitched, sarcastic tone of voice moved around the area of the explosion. What is she intending – why was she able to accurately create an explosion and injure Rashiok in the darkness, even though I know I’ll be at a disadvantage if I’m passive and let her be the proactive one, I can’t make any reckless moves until I understand her power first.

“At the very least, even if I can’t see anything, I ‘know’ the location of my own bombs!!”

The girl’s tone was mocking as if she wanted to incite me, and popping sounds kept going off around her.

And then boom, boom, with sounds of something exploding, small sparks lit up around Mefuri, and illuminated the shivering children that were clinging to the walls.

……Is she unable to control the power of her explosions, and the power depends on the “material” she uses?

And the reason why the explosion that hit Rashiok wasn’t as powerful as the earlier ones, wasn’t because she wasn’t trying, like the ones that had enough force to blow apart stone walls, ……but it was probably because the child’s body that was the “bomb” had already been torn to pieces before Rashiok tossed it.

And in place of a light, she lit up countless small pieces of flesh and blood, and a horrendous sight now entered my view. Flesh and blood were blown everywhere, ……the girl’s horrifying “magic” gave me an impression I’ll never forget.

She definitely wasn’t using anything like bombs concealed in her stomach, she had the ability to freely explode body parts like arms and legs or any flesh, this was most definitely some type of magic power. Just like Diferis that I killed before, she has a power that’s beyond human comprehension.

With the makeshift lighting, Claudia who had been concealing her presence made the first attack and attempted to ambush Mefuri, jumping out at her. However, Mefuri quickly noticed her presence, and lightly shook her right hand. I heard some slight popping sounds again, and Claudia must have detected danger as well, because she instantly jumped backwards right as the location where her feet just were exploded.

“Is it really alright if you escape in that direction?”

Pop. With a boom that rocked the air, the child standing closest to Claudia exploded. That child didn’t even have the time to scream.


Together with the exploding flesh and blood, Claudia was blown away by the explosion. -This is bad.

“See, you were blown – wah!!?”

I hurriedly jumped out of the rubble mountain with my sword drawn, and slashed at Mefuri. She twisted her body greatly in order to dodge me, and had a look of surprise on her face for an instant as she looked at me, then she attempted to put distance between us.

……As I expected, it seems that she herself was also vulnerable to her own explosions. In that case, it will be fatal for me to allow her to put distance between us. I pressed the attack and pursued her closely, while Mefuri retreated even farther back with an impatient expression on her face.

“Stop following me!”

Mefuri picked something up from the ground and threw it at me. It violently exploded in midair, and I was forced to retreat.


Rashiok’s wind magic answered my call, and managed to scatter away the pieces of flesh and blood from the explosion – that most likely came from a child’s arm.

“Take this-!!”

At almost the same time as the flesh explosion, I threw my short sword into the bloody mist surrounding Mefuri, and it pierced into her shoulder.


34 responses to “Eliza chapter 187 – Minefield of flesh and blood

  1. Cliff, my old friend…

    If Eliza manages to capture this Mefuri, I bet it’d be beneficial. Mefuri “not being forgiven” doesn’t mean she has to die a quick death, but after being subjected to “research” and study on how her magic works, I feel like that’ll be the best way to kill two birds with one stone. Though exploding body parts is pretty dangerous, if they can find a way to subdue her then they should.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. So her power probably requires some kind of ritual or other preparation, seeing as she already considers the children “her bombs”, but the strength of the bombs can very depending on… something?


  3. Maybe her ability is similar to that other bitch, where she had puppet like strings of energy attached to her target or targets, I’m really confused how she is able to make the explosion, is she creating it? What fuels that sbility, how does the raw materials within the human body make such explosive power.

    I wonder if they will attempt to reveal this mystery

    Liked by 4 people

    • Most likely, it’s something like their “life energy”(/soul/internal magic/w.e.) running rampant, or it could be using flesh as a ritual sacrifice to use her magic. Girl Who Ate Death has a character with a similar ability, she could use their energy to turn people into zombies (briefly) after their death, or instantly make their corpses explode. (Or combine the two to make running suicide zombies.)

      That said, given the fact that the girl said she always knows where “her” bombs are, there’s definitely something binding them. The question is how much time and effort it would take to bind someone to her. (And, I suppose, whether she’d blow herself up when completely cornered.)


  4. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    Whoaaa so gory… Just how many children are left? When she said she knows the location of her ‘bombs’, does that mean every children present or just a select few that she had choosen? Why didn’t she notice Vanita that was moved to Eliza’s side? Is it because he’s not considered as ‘bomb’? :/a
    So many questions. Welp, let’s just enjoy tag team between Eliza, Rashiok, and our beloved shounen protagonist~

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  5. First Dansel makes an enemy of her by pillaging her realms and women. Then Rindarl makes an enemy of her by throwing a child child-killer at her.

    I wonder what her nightmare fuel for Rindarl will be.

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  6. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    – The children had to be prepared beforehand.
    – After the preparation, even body parts can be used.
    – The power of the explosion depends on the mass.

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  7. I get the feeling that Vanita in particular was not made a bomb. Not because he was unsuitable, but because if he knew he could kill Mefuri by sacrificing himself for the sake of the children, he would.

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  8. Thank you for the chapter.
    I want to protest, how could they treat Eliza like a demon when they themselves have much worse demons in their army.

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  9. Thanks for chapter.
    Wow magic user in Eliza world is all bitch, unfortunately they got picked wrong enemy. In front “Ikemen Vampire” Eliza none enemy magic user can survive.

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  10. Mefuri deserves a punishment worse than death…I mean, look at all she’s doing. War is ugly and all, but exploding unwilling children…ehh > – > )) At least Eliza is going to do something about that Mefuri. SO troublesome lolol. I seems Eliza is kinda shaken, despite how composed she appears as she’s executing her moves. Thanks for the chapter!


  11. Did the story just shift genres from political intrigue to battle shounen
    Last arc he had beastmaster and now we have bomber gensuru
    Will we have a thematic villain for ever arc now


  12. Anyway you could setup the links better? I love what you guys do, but half the time when reading eliza, it has a link to something completly unrelated to it insted of the next chapter. Makes some stuff hard to find like pretty much anything that doesn’t have a category like Eliza and gun Ota. Didn’t know where else to post this as I don’t see a way to send you a message privately.


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