Roxorium – the lone wanderer, an editor for fun.

Hello there. I am Roxorium, 21 years old male from Poland who took on editing of Eliza as a way to kill some time and improve my English while I’m at it.

Due to my condition, I’m obsessing over English language. Don’t ask me why. It’s caused by Asperger’s, but thanks to years of extensive therapy, I’ve managed to broaden my interests from memorizing names of fruits(all of them) to learning the English language as a whole. Last time I took an official CEFR-rated exam, I scored C1. I still have a long way to go towards C2.

Also, because of this troublesome disorder, I am struggling with perceiving sarcasm, irony and other social cues. My way of talking is affected as well.  Please be patient with me in that regard. Being frank with me is optimal.

Although there are slightly under 190 more chapters to edit, I’m intending to stick around here and take on editing other series as well. After catching up with latest release of Eliza that is.

That would be it for the introduction.
I’m looking forward to working together with the OHT team, and I hope you will enjoy my revisions as well.



19 responses to “Roxorium – the lone wanderer, an editor for fun.

  1. Oooh, nice! Thanks for your help, I’m looking forward to reading the revised chapters. I’m also glad that you found a productive way to deal with your condition.


    • And I also thank you for worrying about me. Indeed, accepting imperfectluck’s invitation was the finest choice I made in a long time. Right now I’m enjoying a great novel while keeping my obsession in check.
      Killing two birds with a single stone.


      • By the way, if it isn’t too much trouble, do you think you could add the chapter titles to the index page as you edit the chapters? It’s a bit hard to find back older chapters right now, and this way we’d easily know which chapters have been edited.


      • That’s a great idea! Thank you very much for bringing this up. The changes have been applied. From now on, every edited chapter will include the title.

        Also, I want to apologize for not upholding my promise of edited chapters up to 20th by midnight. Personal issues that are outside of my control have occured. I’ll try my hardest to catch up tomorrow.


      • Thank you! And don’t worry about the pace, I’m sure you two will catch up to the current releases soon enough. Then we’ll all have to agonize as we wait for the updates. 😛


  2. Hi Roxo,
    That must have been a lot of fruits to memorise!
    Which one is your favourite?

    BTW, it seems you are using US English rather than the Queen’s English~?


    • 124 to be exact, if you include “fruits” too. They consist of: avocado, chili pepper, corn, cucumber, eggplant, olive, pea, squash, sunflower and tomato.
      Scientifically, they are classified as fruits. But when it comes to cooking and nutrition, they are treated as vegetables.

      My favorite fruit overall is pomelo. I love it for the texture and taste similar to a grapefruit, but it’s not bitter. It’s actually kind of sweet. A sweet grapefruit. It’s delicious.

      BTW, it seems you are correct. The dictionaries and online courses I’ve been ordering in copious amounts in order to sate my obsession were all from United States of America.

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  3. I’d say your English is already better than my second and third languages. I look forward to your future revisions, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the story you’ll be working on.


    • Thank you AC253 for the flattery. You are going to make me blush.
      I’ve been searching for an isekai novel that will cause me to feel thrill and suspension for a long time. Eliza is that kind of story.
      There is no hilariously overpowered MC that can level a country with a single hit. Or similarly OP companions. Thus, I do enjoy Eliza a lot. It’s unpredictable, and keeps you on your tip toes constantly.

      The only exception to that rule is Arifureta. The quality of story and “likeability” of characters outweighs my dislike towards OP characters. I especially favor Yue, which can be noticed if you look at my avatar.

      P.S.: Another downfall of Asperger’s is verbosity. Once I start talking about a topic I’m interested in, I cannot stop. I hope people won’t mind.

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  4. So many lovely people to respond to, so little time.

    Everyone, thank you for your kind words, they motivate me to work harder, better, faster, stronger. Yes, I do love that track. I wonder who will get it?

    I am simultaneously reading the chapters and editing them on the fly. This way of doing it also improves my comprehension, thanks to reading each sentence two to three times while looking for possible errors to correct, or for improvements to make.

    The weekend has befallen upon us. I am going to have overabundance of free time to work with. Expect revised Chapter 20 of Eliza by midnight. For the curious, my timezone is GMT+1.


    • There are Youtube clip of people dancing to that tune with the lyrics written on their bodies. 😀

      In any case, jolly good choice of series, I do appreciate how Akuyaku Tensei took great pains to grow the character instead dumping a bunch of cheats on her. Whenever I pick up a new Isekai series, it’s always so disappointing when the author takes the easy way out. That may be entertaining for a while but often fails to keep my interest in the long term.


      • Exactly. It’s depressing how so many authors squander the potential of the setting and characters by not even trying to grow them themselves, but simply throwing a bunch of cheats at them and being done with it.

        There are exceptions to this. Aside from previously mentioned Arifureta, there is also “I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless”, which is a great parody of Isekai with cheats.

        It seems like even the title itself is a parody too. Even I could think of a shorter one, and I’m bothered by Asperger’s verbosity. Why are they doing this? Perhaps this is some kind of meta joke that keeps flying over my head. Perhaps I will never get to find out.

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      • Long titles seem to be a Japanese novel thing. I’m not too bothered by it, at least they’re descriptive. I prefer them to those cheesy superlative Xianxia titles (often accompanied by equally superlative yet non-descriptive summaries).

        As for verbosity, in the grand scheme of things, I can think of worse things to spend one’s time on than practicing linguistics. 😛

        I tend to look for series with an emphasis on military matters or politics, as series that focus exclusively on characters tend to slide into cliches sooner or later. Youjo Senki, The Grandmaster Strategist, The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich, The Girl Who Ate a Death God and of course Akuyaku Tensei are the type of series that scratch my sweet spot. It’s a pity they’re in a minority though.

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