Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 1

What should I do about being reincarnated as a villainess girl’s older brother

Author: Azumi Seika

Villainess Brother Reincarnation


When I heard about my younger sister’s engagement to the prince, I remembered my previous life’s memories. Isn’t this world the otome game that my previous imouto liked!? Moreover, my current imouto, will be causing the destruction end of my family!

This is the brother’s story of trying to prevent destruction flags.


Chapter 1 – The brother is worried about his sister


Is this death, I wonder. When I was driving home from work through an intersection during a green light, I was hit from the side with a massive impact. I think it was a truck. My small car completely crumpled from the accident, and just like that it flew into a telephone pole and was crushed. The air bags were working properly, but the sight didn’t console me as my vision turned red before me. Luckily, I didn’t feel that much pain. I’m glad that my car has a black box that will be able to firmly prove the other party’s fault. It means that my family will definitely be able to at least get insurance money. Family. In my final moments, my sister came to mind first. Her personality isn’t that bad but, she’s rather helpless and gets bullied in high school. When I come home for the weekend, I had promised to hang out with her……

As my consciousness faded, I was worried on her account.


When I heard about my sister getting engaged from father, I suddenly recalled my previous life’s memories.

“Michelle just got engaged to Prince Edwards. Marcel, you’ll be the prince’s brother-in-law in the future!”

My father Duke Alderton was all smiles.

“Oh, don’t worry about yourself, there’s plenty of potential partners for you as well, we’ll have to pick one carefully –”

After that, I didn’t hear anything else my father was saying to me.

Michelle Alderton and Prince Edwards. And, Marcel Alderton.

Isn’t this the world of the otome game “Concerto of Light” that my sister was hooked on!?

I pretended to be calm on the outside, and returned to my room.

As I plopped myself onto my bed, all this information came flowing into me. Let’s organize what I know.

“Concerto of Light” was advertised as a medieval European themed otome game, although any world history scholar would surely shake their head at the roundabout interpretation the game had. The character names were a mix of English, French, and German, the production team might have had some issues to some extent. Although the game was European-themed, the game’s language was still Japanese and there was a rich variety of hair colors. It was a medieval school-themed story. It was also a fantasy story that included elements of magic. When I heard my previous life’s sister telling me about it, I thought at the time that it seemed to be an overly grand setting. Well, it might be that the magic technology can be interpreted as partially consistent with modern times. As for the school, it’s a story about mainly noble children with magic power attending school.

Well, apart from the game setting, let’s try to remember as much of the contents as possible. In the first place, my sister kept recommending to me about which routes to take, but honestly speaking I didn’t have that much spare time to play so I’m a bit hazy on the details. For now, let’s start with worrying about the important parts from the game information and the ending. Let’s see, the heroine, despite being a commoner, is able to use the extremely rare holy attribute magic and entered magic school at the beginning of the game. Since she was a commoner, the people around her saw her as a thorn in their eyes. Aside from that, the specialty of the game was having events with the capture targets and increasing love rating with them.

In order to beat this “Concerto of Light” game, you have to increase the female characters’ love ratings towards the heroine first. There were various capture targets such as ojou-samas, classmates, and school staff, a large variety of female characters despite it being an otome game. Without getting a girl’s love rating up enough first, when an event occurs with a capture target, it seems that things may not go well for the heroine. Hearing my sister talk about it so passionately, I thought it seemed quite realistic. ……Since my sister didn’t have that many friends, she might have gotten addicted to the friendship depicted in this game.

Oops, I’ll stop thinking about these sad things.

Now, in “Light Con,” girls can be either your enemies or allies. What that means is, although normally being a capture target, they can turn into your enemy as the rival character if you go for the girl they like. However, they can also be allies helping tell you how to proceed if you aim at another capture target. So after finishing one character’s route and then aiming for another character, you might see a surprisingly different side of a character that is now an ally instead of a rival. In addition, if you max out a girl’s love rating, you can also capture the girls that were allies. That’s not all that I heard, there’s actually stuff like the girls deciding to move in together as well, or love between a boy and a girl of different social statuses, I understand that it seems to be rather popular. There’s many pairs of delicate relationships between capture targets/rivals, there’s even the terrific ability to play matchmaker between two people. An almost obsessive amount of work was put into the scenarios.

Meanwhile, there’s a character that doesn’t change in any route.

That would be my imouto, Michelle Alderton.

Whereas the other girls are merely rivals, Michelle is the only girl that’s called a villainess. This is because she constantly opposes the heroine in all the routes. As for why this is the case, it was a self-conscious decision by the development company for the game’s novelty, and because she seems to have been the character in the tutorial route. Making her into a standard villainess, and then capturing her, gives you an introduction to how this game feels and works. Because she was a character born to such a fate, Michelle met terrible ends. She was ridiculously snobbish and even looked down upon other nobles with lower rank than her, such as viscounts or barons. Of course, she thought commoners were no better than garbage.

Naturally, in the Prince Edwards route, she attacked the heroine using every trick imaginable. In one end, she used her duke family’s powers to kill off the heroine, which brought the family’s downfall and her own execution. She was also an active villainess in the other routes, and would always get exiled and starve to death or executed. Even in the friendship end where all the characters had maxed out love ratings, she suffered the disastrous end of becoming the concubine of a middle-aged perverted noble from another country.

It’s a natural consequence of the things she did during the course of the game, but right now Michelle is my actual imouto, and is just a pitiful eight year old girl. I’ll blame our parents’ influence on her selfishness, and as for her attitude of looking down upon the servants, I’m going to have to fix that from now on.

In the final moments of my previous life, I was worried about my sister. In this life, I definitely have to work hard to secure my sister’s happiness.


59 responses to “Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 1

  1. Well, well, another twist on a familiar premise. This time it’s a boy with no real Otome game knowledge that has reincarnated. Since the villainess remains the same, can our boy make a difference?!


  2. While this one certainly enjoys the twist on the otome-game-reincarnation theme and appreciates your time and effort, this one is most disappointed that the main character is not a cute girl. This one is pleased by yuri, and displeased by incest. Although, admittedly, without tangible influence over your decisions or preferences, this one would request more Dragon Life rather than starting a new project should the opinions of your guests bare any weight on the matter.


  3. This is… hilarious. Ah, covering all angles of “reincarnating in otomege”. Heroine… the love rival/villainess… now the rival’s brother… is there a story where someone becomes a capture target?


    • As in, like they actually like the heroine but alas, it seems she went for another route. Guys should take initiative (which doesn’t happen in game once you’ve locked into a particular route in games I guess?)


  4. This looks very promising! I’m a sucker for baka onii-samas. ❤
    And, it seems like that game was super shoujo ai? Am I right…?
    Or are the capture targets mostly male after all?
    Well, it'll be fun to find out. :3
    Thank you for bringing another otome story to the English world~<3
    Kyyaa./is excited


  5. This sounds hilarious!
    I mean, he is not the villain, he can’t change directly the outcome of the “game”.

    I see a lot of running around like a fool and cleaning the messes of his little sister for this MC


    Liked by 1 person

  6. When I saw the title I was like “Wait, what?”
    When I read the first part I was like “She is the brother of Katarina!?”
    Then I thought “Wait, isn’t she the older sister?”
    While reading I thought “Wtf is a straight guy doing playing an Otome Game?”
    Later I thought “What kind of Otome game is this. There is yuri?”
    Near the end I thought “Incest, f*ck yeah”
    And as I finished it I thought “This looks nice. Or amusing at least.”

    Thanks for the chapter!


  7. It’s the one that I tried to recommend for teaser on onii-tam’s site *-*
    And there is Mr. Truck again making a party time job in this serie too xD
    Seems interesting.
    I want to see how he will change things.
    I wonder if onii-sam will be the one that will end with an harem instead of the heroine or maybe he will become the heroine capture target~?
    Thanks for the translation!

    Liked by 3 people

  8. God of Reincarnation: Truck is confirmed.ed for the nth time…
    And well, I don’t smell incest but rather a lot of other things… Sounds fun 🙂


  9. looking forward to this one… :3
    btw.. does the truck always involved in traffic accident in japan?? didnt feel to search for it..

    thanks for the teaser :3


  10. Even being inside a car can’t save you from Truck-san!!!

    Thanks for all your hard work! I hope it’s fun to translate this but right now, Bakarina is still first in my heart…


  11. rather you focused on destruction otome, dont want another story with the same plot bakarina ftw


  12. Magic School with many nobles, heroine commoners with powerful magic. same setting with destruction flag otome and burikko villainness. What otome game actually has this setting ? seems very popular among girl in Japan


  13. Two thumbs up from me. Though it’s very late. I just discovered this novel. According to NU there is another site translating this novel now. I guess I’ll find out what happened as I read along.


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