Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The brother decides his path in life


“But, the ‘round pig,’ eh……” Remembering my position in the game, I sighed. I want to work hard at preventing my sister from turning into a villainess, but before that there is another problem I have to take care of first.

In truth, I had also appeared in the game. …… As Michelle’s idiotic, gross brother.

In the game, I had also been an unmistakeable caricature of a young, idiotic noble that abused his duke family’s authority just like my sister, and was always unreasonably harassing the heroine and the rival girls, thinking he was the greatest, and was hated by all the capture targets, well anyways he was the worst type of guy.

This guy was also part of the reason why the Alderton family got ruined so easily. I’m really sorry for how this guy acted.

Because Marcel lived a life of luxury and never exercised, the game had set him as extremely obese. I, Marcel Alderton, had the nickname of “round pig.” Everyone called Marcel this and all the players hated him and made fun of him. No matter how much a no-good guy like this boasts or preaches, nobody will listen to him. In the game as well, Michelle avoided Marcel and hated him. I have to do something about myself first……

“Well, I’m going to live correctly from now on.”

Looking at myself in the mirror, I let out a sigh. I’m already quite chubby even though I’m only ten years old. In order to lose weight from now on, if I eat a balanced diet and get a moderate amount of exercise my weight shouldn’t be a problem. The lucky thing was, my looks weren’t too ugly. Because my parents and sister all have good features, it’s not strange since it must be genetic. He was considered gross in the game due to his attitude and body size. Well, at the very least, I don’t have to do anything about my appearance. As for now, since I don’t have any memories of my sister hating me, it should still be alright. No wait, every lady’s onii-sama is so cool, I have some complaints about that…… Urgh, I’ll work hard!

After that, it’s Marcel’s personality. Honestly, it’s pretty bad. Because of the bad influence from his no-good parents, he treated all servants terribly. Even though I’m just blaming our parents, Michelle’s personality was also influenced by her brother.

Luckily, it wasn’t to the extent of killing anyone or leaving any permanent scars on them, but whenever the maids and servants were unable to fulfill the often unreasonable demands, they were beaten mercilessly. Even though it’s only from a ten year old brat, being whipped will definitely be painful. Now that I’ve regained my former sense of self, my conscience and common sense are making me feel like I used to be the worst ever.

I want to summon all the maids and servants right away and apologize to everyone, but it would surely be weird if the terrible brat suddenly had a change of heart and reformed himself. If only I had suffered a high fever or a sudden injury to the head, I could use that as an excuse for my personality changing, but to think it was just from hearing about my sister’s engagement……

“Hm, wait up…… I think it was here.”

I remembered the existence of a certain thing, and was looking for it on the bookshelf. I took out a book, and lit up the room with my magic tool. I proceeded to flip through the pages and read for a while, until I located what I was looking for and sighed in relief.

“Alright, let’s go with this.”

I decided the way I’ll live from now on, turned off the magic light, and went to sleep.


After hearing a light knock, I woke up.

“Marcel-sama, good morning. It’s time for you to wake up.”

It seems like he’s here to wake me up. That’s right, someone comes to do this every day. As for the me before, he’s never noticed because he never wakes up unless someone shakes him.

“Ahh, please enter.”

From the other side of the door, I heard a sound of surprise. Well, that’s to be expected. The young master that would never be awake at this time was awake, and invited him to enter with a normal attitude.

“Please excuse me.”

The servant that entered was named Roy. Behind him as well was the maid Kana who was in charge of cleaning.

Roy still managed to look somewhat calm, but Kana couldn’t hide her look of shock. Well, Roy’s already 18 while Kana’s only 15. It must be a difference in experience.

“Good morning Roy, and Kana.”

I got out of bed and greeted both of them. Now even Roy looked quite shocked, while Kana dropped a cleaning tool that she was holding. ……They’re like this just from a greeting? Well, I guess it’s natural because I wasn’t myself until yesterday. Meaning, this is a chance.

“Don’t you dare be so loud and make so much noise – no, not that, calm down. ……Kana, please be careful not to drop your tool. If it had happened in front of your parents, they surely would have scolded you.”

Since the me from before was used to treating Kana like trash and always shouting at her every time she dropped something, I had to forcibly suppress myself in order to speak to her more gently.

“I, I’m so sorry!!”

Kana lowered her head in a panic, and picked up the tool.

“No, it’s fine. More importantly, now that I think back on it, the two of you have been treated terribly here. I’m really sorry about that. I’m also going to look for a chance to apologize to everyone else, could you two tell them for me?”

At my sudden apology, this time Roy had a look of both shock and doubt, and Kana dropped her tool yet again.

“I just told you not to be noisy you useless — er, really, Kana is so clumsy, ahaha.”

“I, I’m so sorry I’m so sorry!”

Being in a helpless state of confusion, when I returned to my former way of speaking Kana immediately started kneeling by my bed apologizing desperately with tears in her eyes. It was such a miserable sight. For this, the me from before would definitely have whipped her 10 times……

“Marcel-sama doesn’t have anything that he needs to apologize to us for. But, if it’s your wish, I’ll respectfully deliver your words to the other servants. ……By the way, please excuse my rudeness for asking so, but would something about you happen to have changed?”

Roy spoke after recovering from his shock.

It should be quite risky for someone of his social status to ask me such a question, but he probably thought it was more dangerous to not know the reason behind the sudden transformation.

Moreover, he probably thought that with the way I was today, I would answer him. He’s quite competent.

“Er, do you happen to know about my sister Michelle’s engagement to Prince Edwards?”

“Yes, it is truly such a joyous occasion.”

“That means, I’ll become the prince’s brother-in-law eventually. Eventually, I’ll be the king’s older brother. That means that I’m now the older brother of the king!”

I picked up a book by my pillow and showed it to them with a self-satisfied expression.

“Would this happen to be, ‘The Legend of the King’s Brother, Raiheart?’”

“That’s right! When talking about king’s brothers, it’s got to be about Raiheart-dono. From today on, I’ll be aiming to be like him!”

When I loudly declared so, Roy just took in the circumstances, while Kana was just as confused as always. Ahh, she’s a bit of a helpless child……

“The Legend of the King’s Brother, Raiheart” is one of the most famous biographies in this country. Approximately 800 years ago, it’s a story about a prince named Raiheart who, despite being the oldest prince, was unable to become the heir because his mother was a concubine.

He never said a word of complaint about his own circumstances, and devotedly supported his younger brother and helped the country to overcome several national crises. This part is just what I think, but since this is a country with many fights over the succession between princes, this is probably also a story meant to serve as an example to all the princes that are unable to become the king.

This book is a required book to read for all noble children, and whenever someone mentions the king’s brother, everyone will think of Raiheart. And because this is a biography written for children, Prince Raiheart was apparently written to be an outstanding shining example of a person.

It is said that he was merciful and prejudiced against no one.

It is said that he never neglected his self-discipline, and was extremely proficient in swordsmanship and magic.

It is said that he was passionate about academics, and that there was nothing he did not know.

……It’s clearly way too overboard.

Although he was worshipped to this extent, he was actually assassinated, and it is said that his angry spirit cursed the royal family for it. It is said that the royal family made this biography in order to pacify his spirit, and required all noble children to read it to serve as a requiem for him.

Anyways, speaking of the king’s brother there is this image of a perfect superman. Since I’m rather simple, all I could come up with was this plan to hide the change in personality after obtaining my memory by saying that I now cared about my image as the king’s brother.

By the way, Prince Edwards is only the third prince, so he’s far from being confirmed to be the next king.

Well, the me from before had always believed that the world would move in my favor, so that shouldn’t be any change from before.

When Roy heard that I would now begin aiming to be like Raiheart, he thought that’s why I suddenly changed the way I was, and he said he would convey this to all the other servants.

Probably, because the young master decided to change himself on a whim, it would turn out to be in their best interests as well and improve everyone’s life here, he’ll tell everyone what I want them to hear.

With this, I’ll be able to plan and move around more easily.

Now then, at first I thought everything was unbelievable, but now I’ve accepted that this can’t be anything but reality. Creating change will be really difficult, but I’ll work hard from now on.


41 responses to “Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 2

    • it was clearly planned.

      it’s a smart mc this time around. I get the feeling that later on, if he really tried, he could become one hell of a gigolo. (not that he needs to, he’s rich.)


      • “Since the me from before was used to treating Kana like trash and always shouting at her every time she dropped something, I had to forcibly suppress myself in order to speak to her more gently.”

        Hm…… although he has to be pretty smart if he wants to succeed in preventing his sister from becoming a villainess.


  1. Haha this boy seems quiet smart. He’s such a contrast compared to the lovely but monkey brained Bakarina. Let’s see how he handles his new world. Since he didn’t play the game he doesn’t know the flags. Everything is up to his smarts.


  2. Wow! This is interesting! i just hope he doesn’t regress at some point like lots of otome villain girl that got reincarnate.


  3. I love calculative protags! So hype for this series lol.
    Tho, I’m not completely sure his other personality is completely gone.
    Excited to see how he corrects his sister’s behavior. :3
    Thanks for the chapter.~💚


    • Well, I prefer the fact that his former personnality is still there
      I mean, it’d strange that the way you acted for more than ten years would change suddenly just because you happen to remember your former life.
      I’m okay with it when the protagonist remember when he is very young, but he already lived for ten years.
      So I’m fairly happy that he is confusing between his selfs, and I’m hoping he developped as a mix of both of his selfs (with of course his nicer and older personnality as the base)


  4. Y’know, I wouldn’t mind an MC who actually stays fat throughout the story, instead of being fat for one or two chapters at the beginning. It’s one of the least common traits seen in MC’s…

    My thanks to you, imperfectluck.


  5. Interesting story

    Almost like the brother POV of “Destruction Flag Otome”

    But I think that listen about this novel somewhere
    Can be one of the novels that OnichanYamete recommended before?


  6. Eh there’s Haruyuki from Accel World, but other wise that’s it. I suppose since obesity isn’t a problem in Japan most LN protags aren’t fat so the reader can relate better.

    In this story though it makes sense that the mc wants to stay in shape.


  7. how he know so much about that otome game ? he must have a steel heart to actually play a otome game…
    because every guy that is the capture target behaviour will irks you in someway.
    close example is reverse harem shoujo manga.


    • Ah, you aren’t reading the right kinds. Though honestly, I don’t think reverse harems are super common in shoujo manga like shounen.

      I haven’t met guys who play otome games, yet, but I have known a couple guys who enjoy shoujo manga and even some that like yaoi (straight guy too). Some people are just more adventurous than others.


      • i’ve played some otome game for a reference once… and it irks me so bad…
        perhaps we can conclude why girls that say how a guys is dreamy or delusional or gross because we will say the same thing from the other side.
        for example. there is this prince that easily get depressed, quick to assume things, weak, womanizer (maybe just because he’s handsome a lot of girls surrounding him) . his mood and behaviour juggled so much that make it illogical and this otome girl of mine saying stuff like he’s cute ! i can’t begin to understand !


    • how he know so much about that otome game ? Probably he played because his sister didn’t have any friends and he tried to accompany her at least on games.

      Liked by 1 person

    • was kinda hoping u were gonna do black knight and destruction otome, now ur trying to add to ur load 😦


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