World Teacher Volume 1: Chapter 5 (alternative)

An alternative translation for World Teacher Volume 1: Chapter 5 is now available.

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Volume 1: Chapter 5

Changing my plans a bit, I have decided to spend the next day (or several days) going over Prologue-Chapter 5 and rechecking the translations, as well as doing a bit more editing on them where necessary. I may even go as far as to change all SFX and some terms to the romanized Japanese version rather than the, at times abysmal, attempt at providing an English equivalent.

As always, I’m open to suggestions and feedback. So feel free to leave some in the comments if you feel so inclined.

Enjoy the alternative Chapter 5 of World Teacher Volume 1!




****Notes & disclaimers:****

  • These translation(s) are an alternative translation to those done by Defiring and others.
  • Once again, I am not trying to take over the series, but wish to provide an alternative translation for those interested.
  • Defiring (linked above) already has the first few volumes completed and will most likely be translating at a much faster speed than I am.
  • As I am doing this without a translation checker nor editor, these translations are more than likely to contain inaccuracies in translation and terribad Engrish (this is not a MTL though – despite some claims otherwise).
  • As this is something done in my spare time, there is no schedule. I make zero promises, I may drop it at any time.
  • I have added ()’s for continuous chapter numbering. Just +1 to the ()’s for equivalent Defiring chapter numbering.
  • This will be a less-localized version – I will change some SFX and the like to close English equivalents but the majority will be retained in Japanese but converted to romaji (especially honorifics and titles).
  • I will also try to add translator’s notes (TLN’s) where I think further clarification may be needed.
  • This translation’s main aim is accuracy over English flow – I find that when I change some sentences to flow reasonably well into English, while it has the same overall meaning, it’s deviated to such an extent that the author could’ve just written it that way in Japanese (perhaps my weak Engrish is to blame?). In any case, I will willingly sacrifice English flow for accuracy if the sentence is still intelligible in English.
  • If you see any mistakes – feel free to notify me in the comments.

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