Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – The brother undergoes the instructor’s severe training


After I finished studying, I was resting in my room. Miss Mary was just like the rumors, an excellent teacher.

She has such a wide range of knowledge and is really good at teaching, in spite of that, exactly what happened to us siblings in the original story……

There’s the saying “it’s not who’s saying it, it’s how you say it,” and yet another saying “it’s not how you say it, it’s who’s listening to it.” Ancient proverbs are truly so accurate.

Anyways, Miss Mary wasn’t only good at arithmetic, she was able to teach me history, geography, politics, and law in a simple and easy to understand manner.

I’ve bent over backwards in order to pretend at learning arithmetic which is the same as in my previous life, but the humanities and social sciences subjects here interested me.

Well, it’s probably good to her that I’m so spirited on the first day of learning.

She probably thinks that I’ll work hard from tomorrow for another three days or so, and that after a week I’ll return to how Marcel was like before.

Just when I was feeling hungry, I heard a knock on my door.

“Marcel-sama, it’s time for dinner.”

“Ahh, I’m on my way.”

Roy was calling for me, and I headed for the dining room.


Michelle was already seated in the dining room.

Her tsurime eyes are the same as always, but they somehow seem softer. Her personal maid’s expression also seemed just a little brighter. This is good, this is good.

“Onii-sama, you seemed to be in the garden earlier this morning, exactly what were you doing?”

Michelle who was sitting there asked me out of curiosity.

“Ahh, actually – oops, let me ask you instead. The eastern garden is supposed to be a training field, so what do you think I was doing there?”

I was influenced by Miss Mary, and tried to make Michelle think for herself instead.

“Mmm~…… I have no idea, I give up.”

Oi oi, is my sister going to be alright.

“Of course, I decided to train my body!”


Michelle covered her mouth in astonishment.

“Onii-sama doing something like exercising, I can’t even imagine it happening!”

The image that my sister has of her brother is really so……

“……Well, I was like that until yesterday. But things are going to be different starting from today, I’m going to train my body and mind and be reborn into someone like the excellent Raiheart-dono! And so, Michelle, you should come running together with me tomorrow as well!”

“Ehh~, no way, I don’t want to, it’s so bothersome and tiring. And besides, won’t you get sweaty if you run?”

My sister shook her head and was saying no way.

This is bad, at this rate she won’t be able to get away from the destruction end where she gets chased down by the commoners.

When I was trying to think of a good idea, our parents arrived in the dining room.

My father – Duke Alderton, Rodriguez Alderton.

In the original game, his name was mentioned, but he never appeared.

For his appearance, he had blonde hair and brown eyes. His face looked pretty good. He’s a bit overweight and middle-aged, but compared to how Marcel was, it’s still within reason. And his expression didn’t seem villainous or anything at all, he was looking at Michelle and I kindly.

Father sat down, and began speaking to me in a calm and steady voice.

“It’s the first dinner that our family’s had together in a while, isn’t it. We came back home tardy last night because of an incompetent coachman, I’m sorry for making you have dinner all by yourself, Marcel. Ahh, don’t worry about it though, because I’ve already fired that incompetent piece of trash and had him thrown out of town yesterday.”

He said something that terrible with a big bright smile on his face.

“No, father, I’m already ten now. I’m not a child anymore, and won’t get lonely even if I have dinner by myself.”

And next, I was going to say so you should reconsider about having fired the coachman, but I was interrupted.

“Is that so, you’ve already gotten so mature now. Since I know that now, there’s even meaning to have been found in having previously hired such an incompetent piece of trash.”

Father looked so satisfied as he laughed.

“Hey, dear, let’s stop talking about that incompetent coachman, let’s tell Marcel about our visit to the capital. This time was a bit disappointing but, we’ll have another chance to visit soon enough.”

My mother, Duchess Alderton, Jasmine Alderton changed the subject nonchalantly as if nothing had happened at all.

By the way, the day before everyone had left for the capital, Marcel had caught a cold, so he was unable to accompany them.

My mother had long light brown hair and red eyes.

While they’re my parents, I also think that they’re beautiful people. However, while they treat their own family normally, they’re very insensitive towards those below their own social status.

I already know that it’ll probably be very difficult to change them.

Their way of life has already been carved deep into their minds to the subconscious level.

……As expected, just as I originally planned, I’m only going to be able to change myself and Michelle.

“Oh, there’s too little food for Marcel, and there’s even vegetables.”

Father clapped his hands, and the house steward Ian who was standing at attention came forward.

“Fire the head cook and kick her out of this town.”

“As you wish.”

He made his decision instantly.

“Please wait, father, this is what I wanted. I just changed my diet myself earlier, it’ll be bothersome if I have to explain things all over again to a new cook, so please just leave things as they are now.”

For now, I’m going to wait a little on telling the story about the king’s brother Raiheart.

“Ohh, so it was something Marcel wanted. Well, it’s fine then. Ahh, we were talking about the capital. This time, we were at the royal palace so that Michelle and Prince Edwards could meet each other, but other dukes kept trying to invite us to their mansions -”

Father promptly granted my wish and returned to telling his story. He really treats the servants like they’re nothing.

……Miss Mary probably won’t have any problems, but I’m worried that some other servant might make a careless mistake and get kicked out of town.

And so, I spent some time with my seemingly warm family.


The next morning, I was running by myself in the eastern garden. I went to Michelle’s room to invite her to come with me, but as expected, she refused.

I visited her after having fully prepared already by wearing exercise clothes, but she said something like how exercise clothes were too lacking in elegance.

……For a moment I thought about using my pocket money as a duke’s eldest son to tailor some exercise clothes for her that were covered in excessively frilly ribbons, but I figured that would defeat the purpose of exercise clothes being clothes that are easy to move around in, and rejected the idea.

Indeed, these exercise clothes, while they might be okay for a boy to wear, they might not be suitable for a duke’s daughter, is there any way I can get her to not mind them……

As I was thinking so, I managed to complete two more laps than yesterday and finished 15 laps, while I was having an orange and resting the person that I wanted to see appeared.

“It’s been a while, Lloyd.”

“……I’m glad to see you well, Marcel-sama.”

He was probably more than 180 centimeters tall, had a toned body, and sharp eyes. There was a faint scar running across his cheek and chin. He seems to be slightly over 40 years old and a master adventurer.

This man, Lloyd, a stereotypical warrior type, is my swordsmanship instructor. Mmm, scary.

His expression is really scary.

Well, that’s to be expected, Marcel found training to be really tiresome and basically threw him out, but suddenly told him to come over here again today.

As expected of someone who’s had actual combat experience, he didn’t even need to raise his hand against me to scare me, he seems like an experienced warrior. But his hostile aura stings so much, it hurts.

Meh, I won’t get anywhere if I just cower back and shrink from him, let’s attack.

“I apologize for my rudeness in selfishly summoning you over here again so suddenly. And so, once again, I would like to request that you instruct me in swordsmanship. I’m going to be just like Raiheart-dono.”

I lowered my head towards him, and told him the reason for calling him here.

Although he didn’t refuse to come here, he’s probably still quite unwilling.

“I understand. Then let’s begin immediately.”

He agreed really quickly.

Oi oi, he’s surprisingly easy-going for such an experienced warrior.

Is he seeing me clearly or something?

“Before that, let me apologize to Marcel-sama as well. I was hiding while seeing how Marcel-sama was practicing on the training field. Please forgive me.”

While I was still confused at how readily he agreed, Lloyd lowered his head towards me.

“Oi, you bastard! Seeing something so unsightly!”

At seeing me pretend to get angry in my “round pig” mode, Lloyd laughed a little.

“When your servant-dono summoned me, honestly I didn’t really want to go at first, but I changed my mind when I saw how you were just earlier. Seeing how much of an effort you’re making, I think I’ll grant you my sword one more time.”

As expected of a master. He knows what to look for.

“Mmm, I have great expectations.”

I nodded magnanimously.

“Then, let’s start with doing ten laps here.”

“T, ten laps! Lloyd! You just said you’ve been watching me! I’ve just been running up to now! It’s impossible for me to do another ten laps! Teach me the sword, the sword!”

“Since you’ve had some fruit and gotten some rest, you can do another ten laps. Besides, you’re not at the level where you’re ready to use a sword yet, let’s go, start running.”

He forced me up without waiting for my reply, and I started running.

Sure enough, I ran out of energy after five laps, and Lloyd kept alternating between encouraging me and being really strict with me, and I finished ten laps somehow.

“As expected of Marcel-sama who’s trying to be like the king’s brother Raiheart-dono, you completed the ten laps wonderfully.”

“Of, of course, this, much.”

I had an orange to hydrate myself while trying to catch my breath. After resting for a little while, I stood up again.

“Alright, let’s start practicing the sword……”

“Let’s do another ten laps.”

Without changing the training method one bit, Lloyd said so with a forceful smile.

……Let’s start calling him a demonic drill sergeant instead of an experienced warrior.

That’s what I decided in my mind as I began to run again in the training field unsteadily.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! At this rateiif they have a princess she might be married to him instead of his sister being married to the prince.

    Or better yet, he climbs trees and plow fields and ends up capturing the main heroine plus her three other love rivals.

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    • While that sound nice to compare him with Bakarina, that’s something depends heavily on gender. A boy climbing tree, plowing field and throwing toy snakes is normal, even if said boy’s a noble, it still within reason. It precisely because Bakarina destroyed the notion of “normal” noble girl that peoples become so attracted to her. And her support cast is good too, her parent are not typical arrogant nobles, her brother is already Marcel on steroid, the servant didn’t hate/fear her from the start…The same can be said for Burikko, The point is, Marcel cant find a shortcut to be different like them, being a boy is actually disadvantage in his case. And the fact he can’t even directly interfere with the final outcome, what with being 2nd string NPC character, make it even harder for the guy.
      Now that i think about it, the best way to clear his destruction end is to capture the heroine himself. If he become like Railheart then his stat would easily rivals the canon love interests, with his knowledge, its easy to isolate and conquer the heroine. So that’s how its going to be huh ? We wont see any love interest for Marcel until the school, shame, i was kinda hoped for Mary-san, must be Mushouku Tensei’s influence.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter Imperfect! Looks like Marcel is working hard. He has an uphill battle though. As the brother of the villaness he’s further removed from the action/plot, and has less natural leverage to change things. Then there are those parents… wow it’s been a while since I’ve seen nobles so misguided. With parents like that it’s no wonder Marcel originally became a pig. I hope his hard work pays off! I do wonder if he’ll end up raising a lot of flags, or maybe find some real romance haha.


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