Slave Girl – Synopsis + Chapter 1

Demotion Trip ~The Magic Girl Swordsman from the Hero’s Party Stumbled into Another World and Became a Slave


by Sakura Ageha (author of Otoburi)


The magic girl swordsman Riley who had defeated the Demon King and was being celebrated as a hero, was transported into another world by a goddess as a savior.

Magic was not possible in this world.

What’s more, the moment she fell into this world, she was caught by a strange man, and before she realized it, she was already a slave!? Hang on a minute here, goddess! Please give me an explanation~!!


Chapter 1: Prologue, part 1


– A flash of light

Countless beams of light wrapped around the entire world with enough brightness to illuminate everything in the world. Some people were crying tears of joy, and some people opened up the windows in their houses and looked up at the night sky that was as bright as midday. People’s exclamations of joy resounded throughout the land.

The Demon King had been defeated.

Inside the castle of the largest country on the continent, the Weizland Kingdom, everyone was full of vigor. All the guards were dressed up and playing musical instruments, and all the girls were wearing fluttery dresses like flowers and having fun without any worries. In front of the castle, real flowers had been scattered about, and all the merchants were having the busiest time they’ve ever had this year. In every single street and every single country, it was as if a festival was going on, things weren’t like this only in this country.

Suddenly, from the people gathered around the castle, exceptionally loud cheers could be heard.

“It’s the Hero-sama!”

“It’s the Hero-sama and his party that defeated the Demon King!”

Someone raised their voice, and everyone’s eyes turned in their direction.

In front of a horse-drawn carriage that five young people were riding on were soldiers clearing a path through the people for the carriage to proceed. The person in the middle was standing up through a removable part of the carriage’s roof, and people could see him clearly. There were soldiers all around the carriage, and in an outer circle around the soldiers, dancers dressed in beautiful costumes were dancing as they proceeded.

“Hero-sama! Banzai!”

“Hero-sama, Hero-sama, Hero-sama!”

Everyone’s cheers were directed at the young people in the carriage, and the person standing up waved his hand wildly at everyone. He was wearing silver armor, and was a young man with fierce and dauntless features. His ash blonde hair was sparkling under the reflection of the sun. His bright purple eyes were interestingly bright, and he was looking at everyone with a gentle smile as he waved.

“Ahh. You’re so full of spirit even when just giving everyone some special service.”

Sitting opposite him, was a boy in a black mantle who was smiling sardonically. His dark blue trimmed bangs were shaking somewhat unpleasantly.

“Well, don’t mind, don’t mind, isn’t it fine if I give them just a little service. It’s not like I’ll lose anything.”

As the boy with the ash blonde hair replied, the girl sitting next to him who was dressed like a cleric smiled and nodded. Her pinkish blonde curly hair was so long that it even reached the seat of the carriage she was sitting on.

“That’s right. Just for today, we’ll let them off and give them a good look.”

Sitting across from that girl was a large, strapping boy with dark skin and no hair. The boy was averting his eyes from everyone in dissatisfaction as a sign of protest.

“Hey, Riley, you should say something as well. Aren’t these guys just getting too carried away because of all this pampering?”

The boy with dark skin spoke up to the girl sitting next to him, who was also sitting across from the boy with ash blonde hair and the girl dressed like a cleric.

The plain girl with red eyes and straight black hair that reached all the way to her back and was wearing no accessories whatsoever, muttered something in reply in a voice that lacked emotion.

“…………I don’t care either way.”


13 responses to “Slave Girl – Synopsis + Chapter 1

      • But it fits sooo~ well!
        Riley and Raidy are so very similar names. and both are magical swordsman and Raidy is/was inclined to become a slave (several times, by several masters, sometimes 3 or more at the same time :P)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I know which is why I said no. No matter how much they are alike I don’t want it to be where I am reminded of an eroge scene every time I read this series. If it had lots of adult content then I would be totally fine with it….. this doesn’t have adult content does it?


      • Not all slaves are sex slaves. She could be a gladiator.

        Also it (as of this moment) has a rating of 15+ so if it does it will be like Mushoku Tensei and happens off screen.


  1. Oh shit, I know someone said it as a joke but I really get the feeling she could be the maid of the other story.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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