imperfectluck on hiatus


Hey everyone, everything is fine with me, unfortunately due to firewall restrictions in the country where I now reside, I won’t be able to access any more wordpress sites from now on. Just letting everyone know so as to not worry!

– imperfectluck

^ in case any of you missed the memo


41 responses to “imperfectluck on hiatus

  1. What I would expect from a communist government. They won’t allow sites they can’t restrict and monitor. Of course I’m biased, but I don’t think I’m wrong.

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  2. Scaryyyy~
    So no ImperfectLuck ?!
    Is this a definitive stay ?! Or just a long vacation ?
    Either way, thanks for everything ’till now !


  3. Wow, I had forgotten about China’s internet restrictions due to all the Xianxia novels and manwha popping up lately, but I guess you really can’t always teach an old dog new tricks. Sigh, China’s strikes again.

    Well, I also wish you the best of luck, Imperfectluck. Something tells me you might need it.


  4. China doesn’t really care about the VPN, I’ve lived in China for years and my friends and I have no problems at all using VPN. A lot of foreigners who have lived here for a long time use VPN. I am using one right now to comment here, just use astrill or expressvpn.

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  5. Step 1: Take train to HK
    Step 2: Go eat some HK food
    Step 3: use free Wifi somewhere to upload stuff and read up on updates
    Step 4: erase all evidence
    Step 5: hang out with HK friends
    Step 6: Go eat some HK food
    Step 7: Take train back.

    of course, this assumes that you’re not too far from HK. Hope you make it out okay in there!

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  6. I just read that there’s a new law in China: Game stories are going to be need an acceptance from the government before they are allowed to be sold in China.

    Seriously? Damn, I’m happy that I do not live in such a crappy country. So…why was it again you (or your family) decided to live in such a country? O.o


  7. … It’s already 2 months. Is this the end? The only updates so far in this site is Gun-ota rehosts. Is this the end for this site?


  8. It’s been so long since any updates… I dunno, I expected something like the TL could translate a chapter and send it via mail to somebody who can post it here.

    I really wanted to read more Eliza but as more and more time passes, I probably won’t have the momentum to pick it back up even if TL resumes.



  9. Oh so Este ended up posting here instead of imperfektluck soon a year ago, that’s kind. Good thing that he/she got to Japan instead of china in September 2016. I really enjoy Eliza.


  10. So you’re in China? The last time I went there with my family, it was extremely hot. And my grandmother mainly fed us seafood… oh well! Seafoods good, but I just wish she gave us some meat… and my aunt let us buy stuff from one the the corner stores. I didn’t get any wasabi crackers though, only some seaweed, pringles, and ice cream… I wanted wasabi crackers…


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