Chapter 87 – Talking with the elderly

Shanak Temple – this white temple standing adjacent to the royal palace gave this street of nobles an even more elegant and refined impression than the Grand Temple of Misorua just a little bit further down the street. Commoners also use the Grand Temple though, while this is the center of the street of nobles, so it’s mainly nobles, and in particular royals, that use Shanak Temple.


“That was fast. I thought you’d get lost.”


In the deepest part of the temple, there was a small church that usually wasn’t open to outsiders. Priest Faris who was waiting for us there, greeted us with the same inscrutable, androgynous voice that I remembered.


The temple has the most complex interior structure that I’ve ever seen. We didn’t get lost though, astonishingly enough because Claudia led the way.


“……Is it some sort of wild natural instinct?”


I heard Claudia chuckling slightly from beside me. Although I wasn’t exactly praising her just now.


“Yes, her instincts are excellent. Alright, come over here and relax. Today, I just wanted you to have a long talk with the elderly person that I am.”


A suspicious smile that I couldn’t read appeared on Priest Faris’s face, as she indicated towards a chair for me to sit in. Since Claudia is playing the role of my maid today, she pulled it forward for me, and I sat down. Claudia and Ratoka sat down on a sofa placed by the wall, and Faris finally stopped smiling that creepy smile of hers.


– I wonder if she’s tired? She’s expressionless, and I really can’t tell that Faris is around the same age as Earl Terejia. No wait, that’s only assuming that Claudia’s earlier story about Faris’s background was accurate.


“This is to be our third meeting now, young one?”


“Yes, that’s correct.”


Faris stared right into my eyes as I answered her without any hesitation. What is this, I couldn’t help but draw myself back a little. She seems even more evidently eerie than before. Faris squinted at me, as if she was probing the depths of my eyes for something in silence.


“……You’ve absorbed and synchronized fast. I can barely see her anymore. Has it accelerated?”


Faris suddenly muttered something under her breath.


It was so unexpected that I had no idea what she was talking about, but Faris ignored my reaction of surprise and continued as if she hadn’t muttered anything at all just now. It seemed like she’d returned to the state she was in the first time we met, with that composed smile of hers as she stared directly into my eyes. Then, the feeling I had earlier that she may be elderly suddenly vanished. Faris really does have an inscrutable gender and age, it gives her an otherworldly, mysterious feeling.


“How’s Siegmund been doing lately? I heard that he’s been getting quite a lot more wrinkles on his face recently.”


Faris started the conversation as if it was a perfectly ordinary one, and I felt myself expelling my breath that I was holding.


“He still hasn’t fully recovered yet. It would be nice if he would get healthy again.”


“Well, humans have limits, it’s only natural that they can’t win against old age. And he’s always been one to push himself unreasonably. Even though that’s not good for him.”


Faris seemed to chuckle from the back of her throat, and her lips curved slightly upwards in the faintest hint of a smile. I don’t know if the story about her once being Earl Terejia’s fiancee is true or not, but it definitely does seem that they have some sort of connection.


“Work is just piling up so much. I would really like for him to make a full recovery and return as well, but……”


“Well, how will it turn out, I wonder. ……We’ve already reached an age where it wouldn’t be strange for either of us to die at any moment.”


That seems to be a rather deep statement. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath at her use of the word “we.” I’m sure that Faris is prepared for death at any moment. Regardless of how mysteriously young she may look on the outside, she’s accepted her old age – along with death.


“Are you feeling tired?”


“No. However, I’m satisfied in life, I am. As for Siegmund, he worries over too many things.”


“If Earl Terejia suddenly passed away, I’m sure he would have many regrets.”


“I’ll bet.”


It’s nothing to laugh over, but it’s also nothing to get shaken over, this is just a solemn story, I think. Even though we’re talking about death, the atmosphere doesn’t seem all that heavy, I wonder if that’s thanks to Faris.


“……The gods will definitely bestow upon my soul the gift of eternal sleep. It will be a pleasure.”


Faris’s eyes once again seemed to probe into mine. Those words passed through my ear canals and reached my brain, without tugging on any emotions, and settled down within my heart.


“If…… Just hypothetically speaking. If your soul wasn’t allowed to rest after death, and was sent back to this world…… What does Faris-dono think of such a thing?”


Before I realized it, the question had already spilled from my mouth. Faris had a child’s look of innocence on her face for an instant, then the smile returned as if to brush away my question. It was a smile of loving kindness, while simultaneously being a smile of pity. It was a beautiful smile just like that of Saint Shanak’s, I was shocked inside that Faris could make such a smile as well.


“The god Misorua does not have the power to revive a soul for a second life. There’s no good luck, bad luck, or destiny, everything is all coincidence. Use your own power to carve your path in life, grab what you deserve, and struggle, that’s all. To your life’s utmost limits.”


These words from an elderly person, they’re so heavy. However, I did obediently calm down. I nodded, and Faris’s saint-like smile changed instantly again. Even though it was just the slight inscrutable smile again from earlier, the change in expression was so abrupt that it left me stunned for a short moment. From behind me, I heard Ratoka who had been silent until now moaning faintly.


“Well then, let’s cut to the chase and get to the main topic. I didn’t invite you here today to deepen your faith in the church, or to hear about how Siegmund has been doing recently.”


“Yes, of course.”


Probably neither of us have that much free time. There must be some sort of reason that she called me out here today, some sort of use she had for me.


“In every organization, when lots of people gather, there will be differences in opinion, and even factions that appear. The larger the organization, the more apparent the differences will become. Well, it’s said that factions appear whenever three or more people gather together.”


……Is she talking about the House of Lords, I wonder. There’s still some small ongoing conflicts about the matter of the crown prince. Strangely enough, she felt like Earl Terejia whenever he was teaching me something, so I couldn’t help but change my attitude and prepare myself to listen.


“It’s the same within the church.”


However, Faris’s statement was so earth shattering and shocking that I was left mouth wide agape and frozen solid.


37 responses to “Chapter 87 – Talking with the elderly

  1. Somehow, I have the feeling that Faris knew that our Eliza isn’t the original Eliza. Like, she has known it ever since the first time meeting her or sth.
    And what is this, about gods and all?
    Urrg, too many questions left unanswered, let’s just wait patiently for the next chapter then.
    Thank you for the translation!

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  2. First I thought this was going to be evil heroine story, it turns out to muh politics story. When I found it it’s going to be politic story, suddenly it’s war drama. After war drama it turns out (again) to be politic story. Now it’s magic fantasy with gods and stuffs?

    Man.. this series sure is something else.

    Liked by 7 people

      • Well.. the Otome part doesn’t really start until the School Arc.. And behind all simple and happy scenarios, there would be the dark hidden side as well..


      • Hah. While the story is dark, I still want to see what kind of stock otome character Eliza will still wind up fitting into. I’m guessing it’ll go something like how she’s a masculine beauty who makes all the noble girls swoon in admiration. She’d be the “cool” type of character. (Complete with hidden tragic backstory about her poisoning her family!)


  3. *shock* I actually didn’t understand most of the chapter through MTL, so… but is there a religious war ongoing? Did different gods meddle with the factions, and that’s the true reason why there’s this huge war that wasn’t in the game? Why there are people who can control magic beasts, etc.? Is Eliza part of this? If this is the case, how does this tie into the Otome element? If this were a Xianxia, I’d be worried at this point, but it’s not. xD

    Guys, that’s Shanak Temple! Shanak Temple where the Kamil’s mother came from, and she even appeared to be a head honcho there! The creepy place where Kamil killed people! Priest Faris is associated with That Shanak Temple?! And Earl Terejia, who’s associated with Priest Faris, just happened to go pick up said head honcho’s son? (alternatively, it Could be that Priest Faris took over once Kamil’s mother was killed, which would make it somewhat less creepy, but still, Priest Faris totally knows about the ‘reincarnation’ aspect)

    Interesting that Priest Faris noted that resurrection was impossible. This means the person from the previous life really did die, and Eliza simply ate her memories? Huh, ‘grab what you deserve’. What does she think Eliza deserves?

    (so many old people who could die off at any moment though. That’s rare in JPN, my heart almost can’t take it. Come to think of it, it’d be a huge mess if the King suddenly died too)


    • I also think its likely that we will have a religious war soon.
      “resurrection was impossible”?? She didnt say that :p
      What she said was that her God had no power to control such event, and since our destinies aren’t fixed, we(humans) should strive to better our own lifes.

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  4. So Faris knows that Eliza is reincarnated? Given her apparent general omniscience, that actually isn’t so surprising. The bit about the gods is though… Is Eliza going to be pulled in to a squabble among deities? That would fit with the themes of religious differences that have been coming up with Ratoka’s nuns and tensions with Rindarl. Her not having been brought back by Misuora might imply that some other god has an interest in her. Or it might really just be a coincidence.

    The conversation about Earl Terejia was very sweet.

    Thank you for the translation.

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  5. Moment LSK! Moment LSK!!!
    To think that the gods would also act as gangsters in this novel~
    Gods want to spread their influence, and just so happen that the countries are deeply involved in religion = war. Which was also why they were so adamant on killing the shiru tribe.

    And the original Eliza seems like she absorbed the weak japanese girl~

    But why did he/she call for Ratoka and Claudia? Is it because Ratoka had contact with those other religious group or because he might be Eliza’s brother?

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. So from politics, to war, to a crisis by the gods…it’s been a huge mess of a ride thus far, so I wonder how the otome part associated with Eliza’s game life would tie into this…lolol
    Thanks for the chapter!


  7. You’re still using Priest…. for a girl….
    You know you have the word “Priestess” right?
    There are other terms also.
    “Abbess”, “Nun”, “Mother Superior”
    Take your pick, but if Faris is a girl then stop calling “her” a Priest.
    Priests are males.
    Priestesses are females.


    • It’s implied that we still aren’t certain if Faris is female or male. Thus it is grammatically correct to refer to him/her with male conjugations when the original gender is either unknown or being kept from the audience. Technically they could use gender neutral phrasing too, but I’m pretty certain that would be dishonest to the source material.


    • A friend of mine who is a proofreader for another series, as well as an English teacher, once insisted that all instances of Priestess there should get translated as Priest when it was being used as a title (and believe me, she’s a perfectionist). She explained that it was perfectly acceptable to use the gender-neutral Priest for women as a title. In fact if you google “woman priest”, you’ll come across a bunch of catholic sites advocating to allow women to become ‘priests’ or ‘women priests’, but they never use the term ‘priestess’.

      Besides, if imperfectluck ‘fixes’ it here, he’d have to fix the previous instances, and then it’d be a spoiler. It’s safe to just stick to Priest, not to mention Priestess Faris is a handful to read…


  8. I’m willing to bet this will segue into Eliza being a pawn (or “champion”) for one of those gods (a god of Earth, presumably), her reincarnation being a way for that god to get her on the battlefield. Faris seems well aware that “Eliza” is a different person, but she also explicitly says that her god (Misorua) doesn’t have the ability to make people reincarnate.

    With that in mind, Faris is probably trying to get Eliza (and her god) on her faction’s side. (Or maybe their respective gods are already allied, and Faris is just conveying that to Eliza.)

    Well, in any case, shit just got real. It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes from here on out. I kinda liked the somber, depressing setting of the story thus far, but I can’t deny that I’d love to see some of that pure fantasy excitement injected in the middle.


  9. The priest(ess) adds to her air of mystery and to her sense of being human at the same time. Nice chapter.

    Why the surprise at the idea of factions among the gods? Certainly the Greek gods were fractious. Did the Japanese pantheon somehow escape that?

    I presume we’ll find out more about that in the next chapter. Looking forward to it!


  10. God factions 0_o I have to admit I did not see that coming considering how little magical intervention has been present so far…
    Eliza well there are no breaks for you… o_o


  11. Just wondering, but has Eliza started actually doing things yet? I’ve read up to chapter 58 but after reading that many chapters of reading I feel like all she has done is be entirely passive and constantly overwhelmed by every event except when she fired her old nanny, I need to know, does she ever actually start to act like someone who has lived a past life and actively try to do…well…anything useful?


    • If by doing things you mean defeating enemies in personal combat or going on quests to recover mcguffins, then no, not especially. She’s a 7-year old girl in a world with no magic. (She does have some exceptionally strong followers though.)

      But she has done things – she’s slaughtered her family, saved the lives of people who would have otherwise died (even by subverting the course of justice to prevent a “just” execution in one case), and begun engaging in consequential politics. And it’s not clear just how much she is leading Earl Terejia vs being led by him. For instance, I get the feeling that the decision to accept some refugees was hers, not his. Eliza and Terejia are both still slightly terrified of each other despite being together for nearly 5 years so the evolving push-me-pull-you dynamic is quite interesting.


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