Eliza chapter 88 – Sincere counsel

TL note: Hate to disappoint, but I actually mistranslated the second to last sentence of the previous chapter. It should have been “It’s the same within the church.” Also, check out the world glossary here that I just posted for more information on religion and geography in Eliza’s world: https://omegaharem.wordpress.com/2016/11/08/eliza-world-glossary/

“Before the Kingdom of Arxia existed in this world, kings and their retainers would marry those from the church, while their children and relatives would be left to the land and the citizens.”


“Indeed, it’s true. Long ago, the church was responsible for recording the history of countries. Nobody is allowed to tamper with history, we are in charge of protecting history and telling history truthfully as it occurred.”

As Faris nodded her head affirmatively, I thought back to Mrs. Marshan’s history lessons. The origin of nobles, was said to be from when the king recognized his greatest supporters. Thinking back on it, although the lessons were vague, the greatest supporters must have been the church, there’s probably no mistake.

But, considering the power of nobles versus the church today, I must say that it was at least a little hard to believe for a moment. The church is deep-rooted in Arxia, and it shares a common destiny with the country. However, their true power within Arxia is limited. As for their influence, it’s mostly in regards to their responsibilities as keepers of the “law.”

“Of course, it’s fine. The Sacred Code does not prohibit it. Order remains protected.”

However, this time I noticed Faris’s eyebrows becoming slightly furrowed for the first time. I’ve never seen this expression of hers before.

“Currently, there’s some foolish people within the church. They’re disturbing the order and creating chaos, and guiding the country to a path of destruction, and they harbor strong desires and greed even though they swore loyalty to Misorua, the god of Law and Order.”

Faris declared so in a strongly accusing tone of voice, then she moved her line of sight to behind me. When I followed her line of vision, I saw Ratoka sitting there frozen solid. I understood very clearly that Faris was looking at Ratoka in particular.

“……Is there something the matter with my servant?”

“Nothing in particular. However, I believe that your servant knows something about what I am currently discussing.”

Somehow Faris’s smile gave off a wretched feeling, and Ratoka seemed to shrivel up in fear.

“Faris-dono, my servant was born and raised in a village here in Kaldia. Even in the royal capital, this one never leaves my side. I doubt that this one is involved in any sort of plots regarding our country’s destruction.”

Even I find this difficult to believe, I don’t think there’s any reason for Faris to question Ratoka. However, as I covered for him, Ratoka’s complexion became even paler. Is it really just like Faris said, does he know something?

My palms began to sweat with impatience. This is bad, I need to calm down. I subtly took a deep breath, trying not to attract anyone’s attention.

“Of course, Viscountess Kaldia. I don’t believe that your servant is complicit in such a plot either. But, even so, this servant seems to know something about it?”

Faris didn’t stop looking directly at Ratoka at all, and in contrast to my impatience, her voice remained relaxed. Without a doubt, Faris seems to be fully confident of it. No, maybe I should say she’s somehow confirmed it already?

“In a place called Cyril village of Kaldia, there were some sisters doing supposed missionary work while spreading dangerous ideologies. It happened right in the domain you were born and raised in. Don’t you know something about this? ‘Elise-dono.’”

……Goosebumps are crawling on my skin. Just what and how much does this priest know? “Elise” as well as which village she came from, that’s information that I’ve kept as tightly under wraps as possible. Even if Earl Terejia has long associated with Faris, I doubt that he would tell Faris, a complete outsider to the Kaldia domain, about such things.

How did this priest know? Does having “god’s eyes” have anything to do with this?


Ratoka seemed to choke while trying to say something. He remained completely frozen solid while his eyes kept darting between me and Faris. He kept gulping and swallowing repeatedly. He kept shaking all over, but finally straightened himself out.

“- As for being born and raised in Kaldia, I believe that I should also be counted.”

Faris seemed slightly surprised, and returned her line of vision from Ratoka to me again. Her smile seems to have disappeared. I continued my words with a bit of a refreshed feeling.

“It seems that Faris-dono already knows something regarding this issue of sisters in Kaldia that have been spreading dangerous sentiments under the guise of doing missionary work. Just what additional information could a child of the same age as me provide to you on this matter?”

“……Mmm. It seems that you place quite a lot of trust in your servant, Viscountess Kaldia.”

“Indeed. This one is a citizen of my domain. How can I be a proper lord without putting trust in my own citizens?”

Faris blinked several times, then seemed to start grinning. Is that so, she nodded, and her shoulders shaking in laughter helped to dissipate the sense of her overwhelming pressure.

“What you say is quite right. However, I would sincerely advise you to not keep that one by your side.”

……Sincere advice, she says? With what she’s telling me, as well as the way she’s saying it, I feel both uncomfortable and skeptical. Even when I frowned slightly, Faris didn’t change her expression.

“It’ll become your weakness. If you can’t let go of that one, you need to keep a much closer eye on things.”

Her voice sounded almost lyrical. However, my stomach felt much, much heavier than before.

“……I’ll keep your words in mind.”

My words sounded like they were crawling along the ground. I have nothing brilliant to say, no comeback. Why is it that this priest is so good at riling me up?

“Don’t make such a scary face. Right now, you need to be even more cautious and vigilant than before.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“The sisters that were in Cyril village before, seem to be having frequent dealings with the Nordsturms currently.”

End of Act 2, Part 1


23 responses to “Eliza chapter 88 – Sincere counsel

  1. Thank you for the chapter. I’m actually reassured that the factionalism is within the Church rather than between the gods, it fits with the story better 🙂

    Eliza defending Ratoka was adorable.

    Liked by 8 people

  2. Thanks for telling us about the translation issue. I know Japanese can be a pain because some composite words can be read in different ways, and that ends up confusing. xD I’m actually quite relieved, because I like the fact that there are no higher powers in here, just Eliza struggling to her utmost.

    Oh-hoh, she says the Church is not allowed to tamper with history. Pardon the skepticism from me. xD What does it mean, ” their children and relatives would be left to the land and the citizens.”, by the way? I read that in MTL too but didn’t get what it means.

    Hey, it makes sense for Misorua to be the god of Law and Order.

    Hahah, Ratoka gets to experience first hand the sort of discomfort Eliza did back when she first met Faris. I actually felt a bit warm inside that Eliza covered for Ratoka. Eliza already has trust issues though, it’s really no joke for Faris to tell her to be even more cautious. T__T Does Faris think the nuns will try to use Ratoka? I think Ratoka is past that phase…

    Faris’ information is in line with Margrave Molton’s. I wonder if they’re in contact too?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Does Faris think the nuns will try to use Ratoka?

      Faris may realize or suspect that Ratoka is a blood relative of Eliza, which makes him a potential claimant for the Kaldia dukedom. Also, people in Eliza’s family have a tendency towards homicidal mania, which seems to have been (maybe not completely?) suppressed in her by her previous life memories.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Question about pronoun gender: in the translation Eliza refers to Rakota using masculine pronouns, e.g. He is a citizen of my domain.. In the original Japanese does she refer to him in masculine terms, or is the original dialog genderless? Because, if so, that would be a big slip-up on her part, since Rakota is currently masquerading as a girl.


    • Japanese uses genderless pronouns for the most part, different from English. She actually calls Ratoka “this one” for most of the conversation, which makes it quite a bit heftier to read, I’d say. Not sure if it’s really necessary to change it, as Faris seems to imply that she knows the truth, but I went ahead and changed the pronouns.

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      • I think the “heftier” phrasing works in the context of a very formal conversation between an elite noble and a high church official – especially when the noble is secretly terrified of her interlocutor and so on her best behavior.


  4. But… where does this notion come from that Ratoka might be a risk to Eliza? Yeah, he was a direct threat once, but now seems kind of loyal. Could Faris have some prejudice toward him because of the nuns?


    • He has exposure to some information that should be kept hidden, so a kidnapping and torture could come up with quite a bit. Alternatively, since he has similar characteristics to the previous lord, they can use him as a central figure to rally a coup around, or just straight up declare war to reinstate the proper heir and turn Kaldia into a puppet domain… plenty of uses for him, even if it’s against his will.

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  5. Not to be a perfectionist, but i feel that in regards to information battle, Eliza is not adept to it. She feels like very slow to take and infer along the lines.

    Lines from the last chapter
    “……You’ve absorbed and synchronized fast. I can barely see her anymore. Has it accelerated?”

    It was so unexpected that I had no idea what she was talking about…

    With just this we can infer that that priest do know somehow Eliza is a reincarnator, yet she is lagging behind…


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