I shall survive using potions! – Chapter 1

“Then, as you wish, I shall connect you to their dreams. Once for your family members, and once for your two best friends. Ten days have passed on earth since your death there. I hope that you won’t have any regrets. After that, I shall send you to another world. Once you’re there, I won’t be able to intervene anymore, but I’ve asked the administrator there to take care of you. I’m truly sorry… Well, I hope you enjoy your new life!”

Saying so, the god sent her away with a gentle smile.



Koichi, Kaoru’s big brother’s POV

“It happened just ten days ago, eh…”

Koichi was in his bed, thinking about his younger sister that died ten days ago. His little sister was the middle sibling who had just graduated from university half a year ago.

She loved reading books and knew many things, and she was a bit tomboyish. Although she had the appearance of a cute and delicate girl, she gave off the feeling of a little brother more than a little sister, so it was as if he had a brother and sister instead of two younger sisters. Even though he was just laughing recently at her stories about her so-called accomplishments in school and at work, he never would have thought that she’d die before their parents. Not to mention, it was a mysterious and violent death where her body suddenly exploded in front of several witnesses…

Of course, it caused an uproar. Was it a terrorist attack with a miniature bomb, a murder case using piano wire, a kamaitachi, the work of the devil, the insensitive mass media rushed in at the unusual news, along with a cult leader scheming for money, and so on…

Finally it’s settled down somewhat, but there’s a long ways to go until it calms down completely. The uproar had distracted his attention, but now that it’s finally a bit quieter, his sadness is catching up to him. Perhaps his parents were also grieving for his sister, today everyone went to sleep early, but Koichi heard the toilet being flushed, and the sound of someone going to the refridgerator several times, until it became silent again.

When he was thought about his deceased sister, tears flowed down his cheek. He thought about various things, but due to a lack of sleep during the past few days, before he knew it he fell into a deep sleep.

“Ah, you’re finally here! You’re really sleeping late tonight, big brother!”

“Ahh, I’m having a lucid dream…”

The other four members of Koichi’s family was sitting around a table, including his little sister that wasn’t around anymore, who was smiling at him. Even with ten days having passed, he was filled with a nostalgic, sorrowful feeling.

“Well then, since everyone’s finally here, let me explain. To put it simply, I died because of a god’s mistake, so he’ll give me a cheat ability and send me to another world as an apology!”

“What kind of light novel is that!!”

He couldn’t help but respond with a retort. No, despite it being his dream, it lacked imagination. Pathetic.

“Kaoru, then, did he take responsibility properly? You must make sure he compensates you, you know.”

He hit his head against the table because his mother was taking Kaoru too seriously. …Why did it actually hurt?

“I’ll be fine! He promised to give me a cheat ability! And I can keep my body when I go over there. Also, I’ll be younger. So, I’ll be able to have Nagase children in another world! Our Nagase genes shall spread and multiply even in another world!!”

“Wow, that’s amazing…. Then, for Koichi and Yuki over here, you’re going to have to compete with them!”

Koichi’s father also took her way too seriously… No, he said something even worse.

Big sister, could you send a handsome prince or a diamond that’s a national treasure to this world?”

Even his little sister…

“Sorry, that won’t be possible. Ah, my time’s almost up… Then, everyone, please stay well! I’ll also try my best and stay healthy over there! Ah, my cheat will be creating potions so I won’t have to worry about injuries or diseases, and I can also sell them for easy money! I was also promised that I’ll have a secure life! That’s why, there’s no need to worry. Alright then, mother, father, big brother, Yuki, everyone stay healthy! Thank you for everything up until now, and farewell!”

“Stay healthy!”

“I hope you find happiness!”

“Catch a nice man, okay?”

“…Kaoru, you know that you should keep information about yourself secret, and stay safe, right!!”

“I got it! Then, see you all!”


It was now morning. Ha, how foolish. Why did he tell her to “keep information about herself secret, and stay safe?” That Kaoru, would she really not know such basic… no wait, is he the idiot now? Why was he commenting on his own dream? Might as well just grab breakfast quickly.

He got out of bed, and went down to the first floor in his pajamas. Everyone in his home eats breakfast in their pajamas. This was because it didn’t matter as much if it got stained by food, and they would also brush their teeth in their pajamas, in order to avoid staining or wrinkling their work clothes. Yep, it was reasonable.

His father and youngest sister were already sitting at the table. They were both drinking miso soup, and his mother was making a dish of grilled salmon.

For some reason, it seemed like there was a strange atmosphere. They were fidgeting, glancing at each other, it was an indescribable, restless feeling.

At that time, quite abruptly, he recalled a line from the conversation inside his dream.

“Our Nagase genes shall spread and multiply even in another world!!”

“…Wait, is our family supposed to be rats or cockroaches!!”


Suddenly, his father and little sister spurted out their miso soup through their mouths and noses.

Ah, our habit of eating in our pajamas has been proven to be quite correct! Wait, my pajamas have gotten dirty! And, it’s scalding!!

Behind Koichi, his mother also dropped the plate of grilled salmon. Ahh, the grilled salmon…

“A cheat in another world…” muttered his father.

“A handsome prince or a national treasure level diamond…”

“Ah, she said it wasn’t possible…”

Koichi’s mother commented on his little sister Yuki’s mumbling.


It was quiet for a while. Then –




They laughed. The four of them kept laughing. Something warm kept flowing down Koichi’s cheeks, but he kept laughing without paying it any attention. And, everyone was late to work and school that morning.


Kyoko, Kaoru’s friend’s POV

“Ah, she’s here she’s here.”

Two girls were sitting across the table from Kyoko.

“Ahh, I must be dreaming…”

One girl was her close friend since middle school, who’s now her only close friend. The other girl was her only other close friend who passed away ten days ago. She was heartbroken about it, and cried every night, and now her feelings have finally calmed down a little.

“Is it that I can’t forget about her, or because I can’t control my feelings that I’m seeing her even in my dream…”

“Sorry, Kyo-chan, I died so young. Even though the three of us were planning to do so many things together. I’m truly sorry.”

She couldn’t hold it in anymore, she hugged Kaoru’s delicate body and burst into tears.

“Idiot idiot idiot idiot, why did you die! Idiot IDIOOOOOTTT!!

She kept sobbing loudly.

“Kyoko, please calm down a little. It’s not like Kaoru died because she wanted to. Besides, it seems like we don’t have much time. Anyways let’s listen to Kaoru’s story.”

Reiko was calm and unruffled just like usual. No, since it was her dream, and because she felt like Reiko was that kind of person, she let it pass. Well anyways, it was a chance to talk to Kaoru again even if it was inside a dream.


“I’m sorry. It seems like I died due to a god’s mistake.”

“Eh? Then, you can come back to life!!”

“Yeah. But, not in this world. So, he allowed me to transfer to another world. A medieval European style world.”

“Why! Why can’t you come back to this world! Just why…”

Reiko gently patted Kyoko’s back as she stood from her seat, and Kyoko stopped her sobbing.

“Ah~, sorry, I don’t really have much time… Anyway, since I died because of a god’s mistake, as an apology he let me transfer to another world with my memories intact, so I plan to live happily there. Thank you for all the time we spent together since middle school. I’ll never forget about you two. Please be happy!”

“Kaoru, Kaoru, KAORUUU~!”

“Kaoru, do we need to tell your family?”

As expected of Reiko, always calm and composed.

“Ah, it’s okay. I’ve already said goodbye properly to my family. Well then, farewell!

Suddenly Kaoru disappeared, leaving only the two of them.

After making sure that Kyoko has stopped sobbing, Reiko dissolved into tears herself.


Kyoko was shocked at Reiko who was clinging to her and crying loudly.


Looking at Reiko’s crying state, finally she understood. Ahh, so this girl was like this. Always putting others before herself….

“I’m sorry, Reiko. I know that we don’t have much time, but I wasted it… Even though that was supposed to be valuable time for Reiko to be able to talk to Kaoru……”

She hugged Reiko tightly. And then they continued to cry.

……Morning came. The alarm rang at the usual time, and she also woke up just like always.

When she get up, her pillow was soaked with tears, drool, and mucus.

Ahh, inside the dream, Kaoru was being Kaoru, and Reiko was being Reiko. My precious best friends.

At that time, her smartphone on the side table beside her bed started ringing. Her close friends knew that on the weekdays Kyoko usually got up at 5 o’clock. So if they needed to call her early in the morning for some reason, they would call at 5:00 to 5:01. Because after that she’ll go use the restroom, wash her face, cook breakfast, and so on. Well, even so, they usually only called her this early once every few years. And it seemed like today was one of those few days.

Who could it be, this early in the morning…

While she reached for her phone, somehow Kyoko knew Reiko would be on the other end. Although it was just a thought, she believed in it for some reason.

She picked up her smartphone, pressed the call button, and placed it against her ear.

“Yeah…, yeah. Eh?  Yeah. Talk to the gods? How? Beat them up? Like I said, how? No, of course I’m on board! For the time being you’re going to the shrine and kicking all the offering boxes? Yeah, okay okay. For now let’s gather information on Kaoru, yeah yeah, then, see you on Saturday!”

Kyoko hung up her phone and laid down on her bed.


Her face crumpled and distorted.

“Hehe, heh heh heh. HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

She hugged her pillow tightly.

“Ick, it’s so sticky……”


By the way, Kaoru decided not to tell her friends about the fact that she would receive a younger body. Somehow, she felt she would be scared of their reactions.


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  1. This chapter was translated by ShimizuA, and I did the editing. Hope you all enjoy!

    The main story hasn’t started yet obviously, and of course none of these characters on Earth will likely be showing up again, but the genre that this story primarily belongs to is already showing itself. This is, in a nutshell, over-the-top comedy.

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    • >over the top comedy

      Well, this IS the same author with Average…
      Although I suppose the girl’s personality is almost the opposite this time.

      Average – Makes me ‘average’
      This – GIMME CHEAT

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  2. I like the fact she got to say goodbye, and got to dictate her own terms for settling in a new world, pretty awesome of her to get thru that typical reincarnation trope 😛 Its basically the same thing though but still, it is a refreshing way to do it 🙂

    No lingering regrets, of course she will wonder about them from time to time, but they at least can feel comforted that she has a means to survive in this new world. Come what may its up to her now, its a good way to have closure.

    TYVM for translating this story its looking interesting so far 😀


  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I wonder how those two best friends of hers will act when they hear that kaoru got a younger body..
    Will they wreck the box offerings while shouting “how come we can’t come too!!” With murderous intent

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  4. Oh lol. Her friends with the whole “let’s go beat up god” thing going on xD. It’s so great that those around Kaoru are so loving and understanding. We don’t get to see those a lot ^^ Thanks for the chapter!

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  5. Is this series dropped? Or did I read this when chapter 1 was published?

    If the translator and editor of this story is seeing this comment, I hope you’ll continue the translation, thanks m(_ _)m


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