Eliza chapter 172 – To Fort Jugfena

I don’t know the details of the exact procedures that went on in the Upper House of Lords for the approval, but it seems they agreed to dispatch Eric to Fort Jugfena without incident. Since time was short, the notice for Eric came immediately.

For some reason I was also included in the request to go to the frontlines, and so I requested a break from noble school. Even if the enemy slave soldiers are defeated or captured, what should be done with them if they’re captured, should they be executed, it’s highly likely that it’ll cause Arxia’s soldiers’ morale to greatly decrease as Arxia doesn’t have slavery. ……While I don’t want our main forces consisting of the royal army to lose morale, I don’t know how they’ll handle things, but I want to personally manage any slave soldiers that my Kaldia army captures, in the future.

Maybe I’ll decide that I have the know-how to handle foreigners since I’ve absorbed the Shiru tribe into my domain already, or maybe I’ll decide to “dispose” of the slave soldiers and execute them immediately. Or, it could even be both.

After I submitted a leave of absence notice to the Upper House of Lords, I was informed that I would be given a special examination to test my academic knowledge upon my return. In some ways, this resembles my previous world surprisingly closely.

And so, I set out from the royal capital and headed for Fort Jugfena, together with Eric and Marquis Rolentsor, returning to the battlefield for the first time in half a year.


It took two days to arrive at Fort Jugfena by horse-drawn carriage. I suppose it should be only natural that we’d rest at Kaldia which was on the way, right?

For someone just recently promoted to an earl, to be visited by a member from the archduke’s family along with a marquis, this would normally never happen. Therefore, there’s only enough employees of at my Mansion of Golden Hills to maintain the place, there’s not enough people there to deal with these high-ranking guests.

Bellway who was the current leader of the servants at the mansion, hurriedly hired some more people from the surrounding villages, and barely managed in time to make the arrangements to hospitably accommodate them.

“……This is unbefitting of my ranking, it’s such a small place.”

As always, the first words that Eric said were quite rude as he got off the horse-drawn carriage, but his tone didn’t sound like it was mocking anything, it sounded more reflexive.

“Its owner probably didn’t think that she would receive a noble title promotion, by the next time she returned.”

“Ah, right. Then again, no descendant of Kaldia would want to believe that any ancestor of theirs would gain accolades through winning with cowardly tactics, now would they?”

“Indeed, I have no idea what kind of children I will have, or if I will even ever have children. If I think that my children could be like the previous domain lord of Kaldia, I think that I’d never have children in that case.”

Of course, Eric’s not just referring to my father, he’s obviously talking about me as well. Just thinking about if my children would be able to kill people without flinching or batting an eye, it’s quite daunting to consider.

Even though I made such a remark, Eric still sharply shrugged his shoulders and glared at me. It seems that my statement was unintentionally grating on his nerves.

……Ahh. I see. It’s not strange for my self-deprecating comments to have touched Eric’s nerves. Since I learned from Ratoka that Eric killed his own mother, and is so distant from his stepmother.


For our departure on the following day, my soldiers of the Kaldia army were also making their preparations, as they were coming along as well. From here on I’m no longer going to go by horse-drawn carriage, I shall be leading them while riding Rashiok. In the past three years, with the successful integration of the Shiru warriors into my army, as well as an increasing number of villagers that have signed up for military service, my army’s undergone some expansion and I now lead them while riding Rashiok.

It’s been a few months since I went off to noble school, but Rashiok seemed to be doing quite well. His snake-like tail kept wagging, and he was light on his feet as he rushed to me. He had an affectionate expression as I stroked his neck, and his ears were twitching as a sign of pleasure.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to see you lately. I would have liked to take you to the royal capital as well, but that would have been a little……”

Even though he couldn’t communicate with me in my language, he desperately growled in return like he was trying to chat with me. Somehow it felt like I could understand what he meant, as I closed my eyes and continued stroking his neck.

“My lord, you’re quite happy today for some reason, aren’t you?”


Just like the previous time we went to Fort Jugfena together, Paulo was leading my horse for me, as he chimed in with his peaceful tone of voice. Somehow, this all feels quite nostalgic. Paulo’s gone through puberty since then and is much taller than last time, but it seems that his personality remained the same.

“Ahh, ……at any rate there’s so many bothersome things in the royal capital. Although I can’t exactly relax and take it easy back in Kaldia, I wanted to come back here as soon as possible after finishing noble school. Rashiok is here as well.”

“It’s not just Rashiok, we’re here as well. Because whenever my lord isn’t here, we wouldn’t have the occasional fancy food, so we wanted you to come back soon. Ahh, I wish I was born two years later. Then I would have been young enough to attend to you in the royal capital together with Athrun, it’s such a pity……”

“What, you miss me just because of food? I’d like to distribute more abundant varieties of food throughout Kaldia, though. I hope this war gets settled soon so I can spend more time on Kaldia.”

“Please keep up the good work. But, remember not to push yourself too hard.”

Paulo hummed through his nose while making all these oh so casual comments, and he chuckled. In a horse-drawn carriage a little bit apart from us, I could sense the painful gazes of Eric and Marquis Rolentsor on us.


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  1. Anyways, for a little something unrelated to the chapter, yesterday I was busy taking the TOEFL test! A nice 4 hours spent on testing my English abilities. Wonder what I’ll get, as a native speaker? I’m hoping for 115+.

    Another thing, I’m interested in the new visual novels Humble Bundle currently available, but it seems that I have difficulty accessing it when I’m in China. Anyone up for helping me get it and giving me the steam keys? I can paypal you, or I accept donations too :p

    As for something story-related, Eric’s gonna be seeing some combat action down the road soon.

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  2. Eliza just casually drops a bomb. Wth

    And Eric better see some front line action and get scarred for life. Hopefully never thinking to offend or approach Eliza again. >_<

    Good luck on your test score/VN search. Thanks for the chapter!!

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  3. Wonder if Eric likes Eliza romantically (boy bullying girl he likes, and hair pulling is a classic). Or maybe he is taking out self-loathing on her? Gonna be interesting seeing the results of this venture in any case. I personally think the captured slave soldiers should be put in a not too close, but not too far refugee camp where they can start a new farming life and become citizens of Arxia after a trial period.Executing would be a waste unless the amount of return would be much lower than the troubles it may bring, and enslaving them makes Arxia as bad as Densel which sucks for morale; so you dress it up with decent conditions and words like “trial period” where they will become citizens at some point in the future to have people have better opinion of the “better than slavery but not quite citizen” life they will be forced to have.


    • Also as recently the Kaldia domain expanded, it is in need of new working force, and I guess, in the future it will keep expanding. So I too think that it would be great if she can get the slave soldiers to work for her.


    • I am surprised she’s consider executing them at all. Emancipate then send them to the southern ally. A lot of them would be willing to fight against their captors. For those not willing to join the ally then they can be freed at the southern border and allowed to make their way home.


      • Their home is in war, if not already conquered so sending them to their original countries is just going to get them enslaved again (southern countries are always war-torn anyway). Now you need to consider how much manpower, resources, and funds would be needed to take weak civilians all the way to the border from where they are captured compared to just killing them and being done with it? Mind you that these “slave soldiers” are captured civilians that are little more than meat shields to throw into the grinder and lower enemy morale for killing these unfortunate people; so having high expectations of their fighting strength is also a no go unless you take the long-term investment to train, feed, and make them citizens. So the best thing to do is either execute them as it may cost too much with too little return, or make a “refugee zone” out of virgin land (like Eliza’s additional territory she got) to have them cultivate with the expectation of them becoming citizens after a trial period. Having them in cities or other established villages will just have way too many variabes that can go wrong (language barrier, culture and ethnic differences, religious discord, possible spies or other dubious people mixed in, drain on resources if they don’t work, security threat if resorting to banditry, it just goes on), making refugee camp/farm best alternative to execution. Not sure if you’ll even read this (tldr and stuff), but here you go.


  4. ” I learned from Ratoka that Eric killed his own mother”
    The hell with the people of this world who kills their family? O.õ
    Or there’s so much crazy adults that’s necessary to dispose them?
    I wonder how did he do it and why…. Eliza’s family were serial killers, Kamil’s mother was a fanatic from the most fanatic of Ar-xia church that even did assassin’s job……. did Eric also poison his mother or suffocated her when she was bedridden?

    And the why Eric go confronting Eliza….. is it for his self satisfaction as he isn’t the only monster because Eliza’s cruel acts in the battlefield? Or is it jealousy for the fact that even though Eliza did atrocities she was actually promoted? Or he actually suspects that Eliza also killed her family, so she is also a monster? Or calling Eliza a monster is a way to self depreciate?

    Which reminds me that Eliza said “If I think that my children could be like the previous domain lord of Kaldia, I think that I’d never have children in that case.” and it rubbed Eric in a wrong way….. did his mother say something similar? Like, he is useless like his father such person, or that he should’ve been more like his brother, more competent?

    And Eric and the marquis watching Eliza….. did they find a different side of Eliza or were they thinking she was flirting with her young soldier?

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. Hmmm I thinking Eric killing his mother was something like a noble dual, but he made a “Barbaric” attack unfitted of nobility ending with her death. So his anger at Kaldia is semi justified, and when Kaldia helps him realize it was only an accident and not his fault, conquering his route!


    • Why the hell would some princess do a noble dual with her child ? And I don’t think a child would have enough force to kill by accident someone way older. And if that was the case, the general’s grandson wouldn’t have beeen angry in the first place


      • Yea, I feel it was more his birth that eventually killed her or that he had a accident (or accidentally crossed a few lines) and his mother took the hit, killing her / getting her banished and she died later.


      • Sorry, I meant she got into the crossfire someway while he was dualing. Or maybe kids being kids he was running around with a sword or something and she died accidentally that way. Not that she was dualing him, but you know who knows maybe she was a tomboy and they were in fact dualing.


  6. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    Did Eliza just casually dropped a bomb? Oh, wait, someone already commented that…
    Hmm… I still don’t think Eric has some short of affection towards Eliza, to bully her like that. Love how she made that kind of comeback against Eric, casually. I think Eliza is taking too many things casually. And I think why the Rolensto… Rolentsor guy looked at her like that is because she talked with her soldied casually, unbecoming of a noble.
    Too much casually…


  7. Hey, now that Eliza has found something she has in common with Eric, I think she should–

    Oh? You don’t bringing that up would bring them closer? I guess so, but….


  8. Whooa, okay, so Eric killed his own mother. I’m pretty sure there’s a whole story behind this, as Eric does not seem to be the inherently malicious type, but it might explain why he keeps bugging Eliza. He may be trying to get some sort of answer out of another person who has killed and has a bad reputation. The reasoning sounds extremely muddle-headed to me, though… he’s a kid so… Ah, this also explains why his stepmother is so cold towards him…

    Interesting how Eric mentioned the mansion size without being malicious. Perhaps he was commenting on how low he’d fallen, to be sent to such a small place. I feel sorry for Bellway though.
    Messenger: Eliza-sama is coming back tomorrow!
    Everybody: Yay!!
    Messenger: The Archduke’s second son and Marquis Rolentsor is coming along with her!
    Bellway: What?! Nooo!

    It’s interesting that Eliza apparently never wants to have kids though. It explains why she seems so disinterested in her own marriage prospects, despite the fact that she’s getting close to marriage-able age… Does she think that her child might turn around and murder her too? … ironically I could think of a worse scenario: her child doesn’t murder her, but murders her husband instead. Depending on who she marries, that could be VERY awkward. xD Even if her child doesn’t become a murderer though, somehow I see her putting the kid through the same ‘survival training (for nobles)’ that she went through, which again, depending on who she marries, could lead to some VERY awkward moments.

    … gah, now I’m thinking about how Eliza’s kids would be like. If the Crown Prince manages to nab her for example, just imagining a kid with Eliza’s personality and the Crown Prince’s sparkles is… stop, stop! x’D

    Rashiok was so cute this chapter. He’s like a puppy after his master was absent for a long time. Good boy! 😀 Paulo is like a puppy too, begging for food. xD (why are Eric and Marquis Rolentsor glaring this way? Eric is probably always glaring, but why the Marquis too, he isn’t thinking that his future grand-daughter-in-law is flirting with commoners is he? Wait, could it be that it’s because Eliza just referred to them as ‘bothersome things in the Royal Capital’? xD )

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  9. I.. wonder if Reka might be Nordstrum’s bastard instead of Reka’s half brother. They’d probably be related but.. Eliza’s father doesn’t seem like the kind of man that would actually allow any lesser persons that enter his bedroom live. The rule for labourers might be more for those that return from other provinces…


  10. The visual of Rashiok happily greeting Eliza completed my day. He resembles a very large puppy welcoming his Master home. As opposed to that, I’m not surprised at all that Eric killed his Mother. I feel like it’s not that serious. I just can’t see Eric as that type. He just seems so naive and childish to me to be able to do such a heavy act. If it’s Alb then I’d believe it fully. No questions asked. He just seems like that kind of guy. But for Eric, I’m still holding on to this tiny sliver of hope that there’s something good in him. If I’m wrong and he turns out to be a complete nutcase then fuck, I really have to polish my people discerning skills.

    As for why Marquis Rolentsor and Eric is glaring towards Eliza while conversing with Eric, I think it’s because they don’t approve of how Eliza is too close with her people. I love that trait of hers wherein she loves her people so much but I also feel like she should think about herself too. Just with the possibility that her child or children might be like the previous lord throws her away so much that she’ll rather have none because she doesn’t want her people to experience that nightmare again. This just makes me fall in love with her all over again.

    I can’t wait how this matter will be wrapped up. We better secure our seatbelt because the following chapters seems like it will be a wild ride!

    Thank you for such a beautiful translation again, imperfectluck! Keep it up!


    • Oh my, I noticed just now how much I rattled on about this chapter. I’m sorry it’s too long! This novel just brings out my talkativeness tenfold and the people here are just so welcoming and full of ideas, I got carried away teehee (channeling my inner Ratoka here).


      • The comment section is always full of intellectual conversations and the people here are not immature because everyone respects each others’ opinions.


    • I agree on your descriptions of Rashiok and Eric. xD As for Eliza being too close to her people, yes, maybe that’s it. Even if they disapprove though…
      Bellway: Eliza-sama, our guests are glaring this way. Perhaps you shouldn’t be so familiar with your subordinates.
      Eliza: They can go **** off. :<
      Eliza's people: ❤

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      • True! I could totally imagine her that way! Especially since Marquis Rolentsor and Eric are not one of her people and she’s just tolerating them out of protocol. But you know, Eliza’s intense love for her people is one of her greatest strengths but it can also be her greatest weakness, in my opinion.


  11. I thought Marquis Rolentsor liked Eliza and actually had a brain inside his head. Was I wrong? Or maybe he just had a pitiful gaze or something… :/


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