Eliza chapter 173 – Come to think of it, speaking of……

Even though summer was just about over, when we arrived in the Jugfena royal domain, it still felt like the peak of midsummer. With the Amon Nor mountains to the east, hot air gets trapped in eastern Arxia. So of course, Jugfena will have higher temperatures than the royal capital, and while Kaldia is also warmer than the royal capital, it’s cooler than Jugfena due to the cold drafts that will sometimes blow down the Amon Nor mountains in Kaldia.

“Hey. Thanks for your hard efforts in escorting them here. The Fort Jugfena knight order and I shall take it from here. ……You had to come here earlier than I expected. I was hoping that you’d be able to enjoy your school life a little longer.”

Ergnade came out from the black iron fortress to welcome us. He probably has the position most suited for this task, as he’s the younger brother of the current Earl Einsbark with Wiegraf having taken over the title.

“While the order did indeed come earlier than expected, there was no problem at all, as I’m always ready to move out at a moment’s notice. Ergnade, I thought you were on the frontlines……”

“No, I was called back here a while ago. There have been no movements recently on the frontlines, so things have been left to my subordinates, and I’m basically in command now of scouting and reconnaissance. I never would have imagined though that you’d learn about such major enemy movements from Rindarl, while in the royal capital.”

“Due to being away from the battlefield, perhaps it was easier for me to notice their roundabout actions. Besides, it was Margrave Freche that gave me this critical information.”

“Ohh, Freche, eh. It seems that your network of connections is spreading at an astounding rate. The Rolentsor family, the Terejia family, the Moltons and the Freches, and my Einsbark family, the next one seems like it’ll be the archduke’s family.”

“It was just luck that we were in the same class. She’s just fortunate to have the opportunity to know so many people.”

Ergnade and I glanced over at Eric who was getting down from the horse-drawn carriage with a sullen expression on his face. He’s here primarily because he still wouldn’t withdraw his insults for the sake of his own name’s honor, so he’s in quite the bad mood. On top of that, he has to travel with me who he doesn’t like, so his mood was steadily worsening.

“I see, he’s the one.”

“Yes, he’s Baron Eric Teal Dovadain, representative of the Upper House of Lords.”

Although the Einsbark family is deeply involved with the royal family and the Upper House of Lords, Ergnade basically almost never goes to the royal capital. This is his first time meeting Eric.

“I guess I’ll guide him to my older brother. You should have your soldiers rest first. Just like always, we’ve left the second through fourth floors of the same southern building from before empty for your army. I’ll let you know when it’s time for dinner, so be ready.”

“Understood. I thank you from my heart, for caring about the well-being of my soldiers.”

“……I think that I wouldn’t mind though if you started responding ‘yes, father, thank you very much’ instead.”

Ergnade finished our conversation by making a joke and slapping me lightheartedly on my shoulder, but I just stared at him in silence. I remember the strange expression from the last time I tried calling him father.


Even before entering noble school, I was at Fort Jugfena, so I’m already familiar with the layout of this place and the location allotted for our usage. There was no argument over who would get what room, and everyone picked their own places, being used to this fortress already.

“Just like always, the fourth floor will be reserved for my lord, along with Claudia, Oscar, me, and Teo.”

“Ahh, you’ve taken the trouble of ensuring things. Thank you, Gunther.”

“Not at all…… anyway, what should we do about Rashiok?”


I took a look at Rashiok who was resting in the empty space between the fort buildings and its wall, which was where I was taught how to wield the halberd so long ago by Ergnade, Rashiok looked comfortable there for some reason and didn’t seem like he wanted to move. Because we’re currently in a state of war, I can’t expect other military troops to help manage my draconis, and as the person responsible for him, I should be the one taking care of him. Well, Rashiok had been fine on his own until I got called here to Fort Jugfena, but……

There was another draconis sitting there next to Rashiok. The other draconis was a bit smaller than Rashiok, has scales that were almost pure white, and its wings were a shade of vermillion. Well, since Rashiok seems to be larger than usual according to what’s in the books, I suppose this one should be about average size?

From what I can tell, this draconis doesn’t seem to be one of Rashiok’s siblings. His siblings that were left here before at Fort Jugfena, should have similar colors to him, albeit with slightly different color tones on their wings.

“Ah…… Well, aren’t they just pairing up?”

Seeing me observe the two draconis, Gunther spoke up hesitantly.

“Pairing up……?”

“Probably. I don’t have any evidence though.”

Pairing up…… Got it. Rashiok is already a mature draconis, it wouldn’t be strange if he finds himself a mate.

I see, while thinking that, I looked away from the two draconis. When I think about how it could be his mate, I felt a little embarrassed to watch them any longer.

“Come to think of it, speaking of finding a girlfriend…… Gunther, how about your end? Even Teo informed me earlier this spring that he’d gotten married.”

When I mentioned what I just thought of to Gunther, he suddenly spat out his drink. ……Did I say something so strange to that extent?

He’s already quite a bit past the suitable age for marriage, but well, considering the fact that he’s working in the army, there’s no helping it. But, something that can’t be helped even more is that he’ll soon be approaching the age where it’ll be too late for him to get married.

I don’t know his exact age, but he should be about 20 years older than me, roughly. So at an estimate, he’s in his early 30s…… I see…… (TL note: Cast of characters indicates that Gunther is exactly 20 years older than Eliza, so he’s 33.) Just as I was thinking that he’s already at the age where I should be calling him uncle instead of viewing him as an older brother, Gunther glared at me, muttering “mind your own business, brat!”

“If you have someone in mind, please hurry up and notify me. I will help you get married as fast as possible.”

“What!? You’re annoying!”

Gunther definitely seems to care about this subject at least a little, and another thing just happened to come into my mind. As for Claudia, just how is she doing in that regard? Expecting to hear anything out of her on this topic will be utterly useless, but according to her family’s wishes, she was intended to have found someone to marry in her early 20s, and she’s now 23.

……When I return to Kaldia, I need to check on this situation as early as possible. As one of my most trusted retainers, her marriage is something that has to do with me as well, after all.


47 responses to “Eliza chapter 173 – Come to think of it, speaking of……

    • Why’s that awkward?
      Putting aside the fact that people don’t treat Kaldia like her actual age. I don’t think it’s all that awkward to ask if anybody plans on getting married, much less in a conservative society where you do it as a matter of course.


  1. Imagine Claudia getting matried and not remembering her husbands name.

    *Claudia marries Mr. Alwin*
    Day 1:
    Albert, shall we go to bed together?
    Day 2:
    Alfred…I love you.
    Day 3:
    Aloysius, lets makes babies!!
    Mr Alwin: Who the hell are these guys?!! Am I getting cucked here?!! T.T

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  2. In my opinion, Ergnade is such a suitable father for Eliza. I feel like his line of thinking aligns well with Eliza. He may be strict sometimes but he sometimes show a bit of tenderness to his “daughter” and besides, it is clear to see that he has good intentions for her. Also, they look alike. A little.

    Anywayssss, love is in air around Eliza and would she hook up Claudia and Gunther? I can’t think of any other men that is associated with Claudia other than Bellway and Gunther. But actually, I really can’t quite see Claudia getting married because her mentality seems quite young. They look good for each other though (even with the 10-year age gap, Gunther’s looking fine)! Speaking of love, I feel like Eliza is the type that will put her marriage on hold as long as possible, saying that she have much more better things to do other than marriage.

    Lastly, thank you for the chapter!

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  3. Aww! Poor Ergnade:
    Ergnade: My daughter is back! Did you enjoy school?
    Eliza: No, it sucks.
    Ergnade: Aww. And you brought a friend?
    Eric: No I’m not.
    Ergnade: … Eliza! You can have your usual room.
    Eliza: Thanks.
    Ergnade: Call me father? Please?
    Eliza: *ignore*
    Ergnade: Wah! ;_;

    And Eliza. She forgets her age. I can see it now.
    Eliza: Gunther, when are you getting married?
    Gunther: … ?!!
    Eliza: Claudia, when are You getting married?
    Claudia: Wah? Are you chasing me away?
    Eliza: Rashiok, you got married properly right?
    Rashiok: *whimpers*
    Ergnade: Eliza, maybe you shouldn’t be asking these q…
    Eliza: When are You getting married?
    Ergnade: … what about you? Do you have a boy you like? *anticipation*
    Eliza: None. I don’t plan on having children. Don’t change the topic.
    Ergnade: My daugther’s so uncute. T_T

    I’m a bit confused about the titles by the way. So, Wiegraf took over the title of Earl Einsbark? What about his father, did he get promoted to Marquis or not?

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    • Hmm, I think his father retired due to advanced age. That part was a bit difficult for me to translate as well when it first appeared, I *may* have gotten it wrong, but I recall it being Wiegraf taking over the title and the eldest son taking over the other duties.

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    • Eliza: “I will marry purely for political gain so that I can further advance the safety prosperity of Kaldia.”


      • *one of the upper nobility offers marriage*

        Kaldia: Don’t joke around. This has no benefits for you and our social statuses are too far apart. I’m only the daughter of an insane criminal psychopath and a lowly Earl to boot.


  4. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    This chapter is hilarious! Started with Ergnade who jokingly wants to be called ‘father’, and then Eliza felt embarrassed seeing Rashiok finding a mate, and that leads to a conversation about Gunther, Teo, and Claudia’s marriage plans. Well, not Teo, tho.
    Here comes the evil cupid, Eliza!

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  5. Thank you for the chapter!
    I wish that Eliza will call Ergnade father more, and that there won’t be a sad dying scene, where she calls him that with tears in her eyes in his last moments.

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  6. I’m starting to suspect Eliza picked up that original dating sim because she thought it was another territory management game.

    “Pairing up people in a medieval setting, educating them (raising their stats) and ensuring their prosperity (reaching the best end), all the while being faced with various different choices (dialogue option) and outcomes (routes)? Hook me up!”


    • If she actually acted like Eliza when the MC was in Japan, then yeah I can totally see that XD
      (I believe her personality in her former life was mentioned a couple times though – like when she cried about her previous parents)


    • It would be funny, but it was actually her sister who played the game with her.
      And the sister did that to spend more time with her since Eliza was dying.


  7. Ah Eliza~ it hurts an adult when a child is concerned with their marriage plans, but then again, Eliza isn’t just any child xD. Thanks for the chapter!


  8. Oh my, questions about mariage already Eliza?
    now i’m more enticipating about her future groom Haha
    hopefully it will be something that will be forced on her while she be saing the following
    ‘Yes my….WHAAAAAAAAAT?!’
    I can’t wait for this carade and mayham the will be following afterwards haha
    still, i’m glad for your hard work and two chapters, sir imperfectluck, keep up the good work!
    (Just got online in a couple of days, and i was enjoyed to see that there where two new chapters…..rl has some though things (-_-‘ ))


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