Eliza chapter 177 – Trustworthiness

Rather than not trusting the information Vanita gave me about being a slave soldier, I didn’t trust what he told me about himself. Not minding the fact that my room was now dark, I kept thinking back to what he told me.

Being chosen because he was a child who learned about Arxia before, it sounds like there’s nothing wrong with his story. But, even with having received some education before, his story sounded too logical…… that’s just the feeling I got.

There was nothing extra or insufficient in his story, and it was quite coherent. Such skills in the art of conversation come only come with training, he must be a person who knows how to apply his knowledge.

Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about Nazric to begin with, but Vanita gave me a deep impression that he was more intelligent than he should be. I definitely need to confirm his story again from another child, but the problem is who to choose.

According to Vanita’s story, the slave children were spying on each other, and that there was the possibility of real trained child soldiers from Rindarl mixed in with them.

So, I need to carefully consider just who to ask questions of next. ……But, I don’t have the time to leisurely decide. Since we’re now on active combat alert, and battle could begin at any moment, I have to command my Kaldia army, attend meetings with the other leaders, write reports on logistics and supplies, review information…… in addition to that I have to pay attention to the actions of other nobles and the House of Lords, confirm and follow the royal capital’s orders…… it’s almost enough to give me a headache, I have a mountain of work piled up.

“Um, hey.”

While thinking about what to do next, I heard Ratoka as he entered my dark room with a lit candlestick. When I looked at him to encourage him to go on, he seemed a bit lost on what to say. It was a bit similar to Vanita’s atmosphere from earlier today, but also somewhat different. Either way, Ratoka was being hesitant.

“……Um. Is it alright if I go visit the underground dungeon?”

“You’d like to talk with the captives?”

I didn’t think that it had that much to do with him, but I could also understand why he cared.

“Ah, there was something, that caught my attention.”

I couldn’t help tilting my head at how vague he was being. Then, Ratoka spoke up again in a small voice.

“Ah, no, um. It’s fine if you didn’t notice anything.”

“……What was it that caught your attention?”

I must have missed what he noticed, so I briefly ordered him to tell me. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve known each other for so long, or if because Ratoka usually doesn’t talk about this sort of thing with me, I feel like he’s being far too roundabout and needs to get to the point.

“Um…… I was wondering whether it would bother you if I talked to the prisoners. ……Sorry.”

I couldn’t help but be speechless at what finally came out of his mouth after much hesitation. His hesitance, plus the apology that he felt necessary to add at the end, told me what I needed to know.

……Ratoka has been immensely affected by my lack of trust towards others, and even now he’s being greatly influenced by me. As my body double, I share almost everything with him. Now I know that trust is a mutual relationship, accumulated over time, this is something that I’ve learned myself through experience.

Because of his silly outburst in the horse-drawn carriage a few days ago, I foolishly believed that would clear the air between us of any remaining ill feelings. But he seems to believe that I still don’t trust him completely. Something which has been ongoing for so many years, wouldn’t disappear so easily, I see now.

“-No, sorry. About that, I’m the one who should apologize.”

It felt like there was mud congesting my chest, as I chose my words as carefully as possible and said them directly, which finally caused Ratoka’s expression to become less tense.

“R, ridiculous. Because you and I aren’t of equal status, it’s only natural that I should apologize if you don’t believe in me, and that you should be doubtful of me. ……I know at least that much.”

Even while saying that we weren’t equals, as if I wasn’t there, Ratoka stole my cup of cold black tea from my hand and gulped it all down. Hmph, I almost wanted to snort and laugh out loud at his incongruous behavior.

“Okay, go ahead. In fact, I was just wanting to give someone the order to go observe the prisoners. I’ll leave it to you, Elise.”

“Understood, ‘my lord.’”

Ratoka exited the room, as he addressed me by the title my soldiers usually did, a title that he normally would never use for me.


18 responses to “Eliza chapter 177 – Trustworthiness

  1. Thanks for the chapters~ :3
    Somehow, I felt that Ratoka, might know someone among the children slaves. And knows who the Rindarl spies is. Can’t be, right? Haha…
    Thank you for your hard work, Imperfectluck.


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Even if it’s true Vanita isn’t a member of the nobility or royalty of his nation, he could be a merchant or the son of one. Or he could be a spy (not necessarily working for Rindarl).

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Aaaaaawwwww their interactions always gives me cavities everytime. The two of them are like awkward kids to each other.

    Thank you for the chapter!


  4. Yeah, Vanita and his story are real suspicious. He clearly kept himself separated from the other slaves, and for his story about them looking for a blood-sucking demon child, the other kids didn’t seem to make any reaction to Eliza’s appearance.

    More than that, the notion of there being possible Rindarl child soldiers in the mix to keep them in check seems a little iffy, considering they all looked ethnically similar and mostly seemed dead inside.

    Frankly, he seems too “in the know” about this stuff. Not just in terms of intelligence, but also as for conveying relatively believable motives for Rindarl to send them this way, and how they’d keep these slaves in check.

    Liked by 6 people

    • That stuck out at me too, but my interpretation is slightly different in that his account of Rindarl’s motives make no sense.

      The idea that Rindarl recognized his talents and handpicked him for the mission implies that they cared enough to notice. The idea that this unmotivated and starving mob could stay on task is just stupid, given how easily they got captured.

      I expect Vanita is trying to conceal his identity and is feeding convenient lies to explain his existence. The idea that he specifically went to school to learn knowledge that would be useful for statecraft or trade implies that he was at least pretty well off, even if he wasn’t an actual noble.


  5. Huh, I’m pretty confused by Ratoka’s behavior this chapter. Well, does he want to talk to the prisoners because he’s affected by how they view her in the same way he used to? I’m especially confused by the ‘my lord’ in the end. Is it serious or is it sarcastic? Or did something happen to drill in their ranking differences? In any case, hopefully he’ll get some good information out of the prisoners.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think he notice he at last got his feeling through Eliza and she would trust him more from now on. Which is why now they can be ‘proper’ servant and lord, thus the change of address.


    • I think it’s because this is the first time Ratoka actually directly see Eliza deals with real noble matter? I mean like, being a lord and a ordering people around without casualty she usually showed.

      In the past, at least from what I remember, he’s always being educationed while Eliza worked her ass off, and they met only on breaks, where they both released steam. Then there’s the little fight they have, which decreased their interaction, where Ratoka mostly spend his time with the real Elise. Not to mention how he was totally sulky and showed lack of comprehending when Eliza talks about her job, after that one month where she does nothing but sleep. He’s only constantly around Eliza just to escort and saw her interact as a noble, with a noble facade that’s usually drop when she interacted with all of her subject.

      Eliza in battlefield mode probably made him understood and comprehend the reason for Eliza apparent mistrust towards everyone, and also what a lord’s work is, since he seem to be rarely involved or see this side, hence he remembered his lowly(?) social status

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  6. “We aren’t of equal status” then proceeds to drink Eliza’s tea. Lol yah Ratoka, your actions tell everything xD. Jk, but I love seeing them interact. It’s the best feeling seeing someone trying to understand and reach out to try to support Eliza, whether asa friend or support. Thanks for the chapter!


  7. The plot is deepening, lies are going to be unvieled, and our LadySaviour shall rise victoriously above the masses!
    jokes aside, thanks for the new chapter ( ^-^)//


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