Eliza chapter 176 – Listening to the boy’s circumstances


At almost the exact same time, Ratoka also noticed that the slave soldier boy was missing his right leg, and both of us exclaimed in unison.

……Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve met someone who’s missing an arm or a leg. I haven’t been on the battlefield for long enough, so I haven’t seen enough injured soldiers yet.

The slave soldiers would have already been inspected for weapons before locking them up in here, but they were just wearing ragged cloths that were unable to conceal anything. Consider how thin and weak they all appear, I doubt that our soldiers would treat them violently.

When they were captured, I heard that they put up almost no resistance, and I suppose that throwing an injured slave like this boy into a unit consisting of only young slave soldiers would be only natural. As I was thinking so, the boy who was now standing seemed to be in pain, standing up with great difficulty.

“Do you, want, something?”

His voice was listless and dry. While he had an accent, he was speaking in Arxian. I hid my surprise.

“How and where did you learn the Arxian language? I recall that Nazric never had any interactions with Arxia.”

I answered him in the Nazric language, and it was easy to tell that the boy was stunned. Although his expression didn’t change much, his eyes indicated that my words stirred some emotions deep within him. For an injured slave soldier like him to be unreasonably forced to join a scout unit, it was evident that he was exhausted as would be natural, but I could also tell that he’s the type to suppress his emotions. Meaning, he’s the same type as me.


He seemed lost for words, and desperately kept squinting his eyes. It would appear that he’s carefully considering his words. This is something that isn’t possible for ordinary commoners. Now then, just who is he? This boy.

“……I’m, probably not who you think I am. While Nazric indeed never had any direct contact with Arxia, it’s actively traded before with other countries that in turn trade with Arxia. For us smaller southern countries, the development of the huge northern country of Arxia could influence our very fates. My country Nazric desperately studied knowledge about Arxia. This information was drilled into us. I learned Arxian in class as part of that knowledge……”

I nodded in response to the flood of information that suddenly came pouring out of this boy who seemed only slightly older than me. As I took a step closer, the boy seemed to shrink back in fear of me. I thought for a moment on what to do, then I mentally snorted at myself because I had already decided what I should do already. I will do it just because I want to, although it could be said that it wouldn’t be very noble-like of me.

Fortunately, this time it was very clear to me just what I should do.

“Elise, go to Ergnade and report to him that I’m removing a prisoner from the dungeon. Gunther, please give him some of our provisions, and make sure he receives some food. Also, summon Oscar over to me.”

As I abruptly ended the conversation with the boy and gave brief, direct orders to my two subordinates behind me, I could tell that everyone here was looking at me with various feelings. In the captives’ listless eyes, I could finally see another emotion.


Being surrounded by me, Oscar, Ratoka, and Claudia, the boy from earlier who may have been feeling pressured by all of us seemed to have calmed down after eating some food we gave to him, but when I asked him what his name was, he choked up again. He said earlier that he wasn’t who I thought he was, meaning that he wasn’t a noble or royalty after all, so why was it that he had so difficulty saying his own name? Seeing that I was furrowing my eyebrows, he hurriedly explained things to me.

From what he told me, Rindarl forbade their slaves to use their names, and called them by numbers instead. If someone was found calling others by their names or using their own name, they would be punished severely.

It’s an inhumane slavery system. I thought back to my battle at Ritox Plateau late last year. Considering the fact that I impaled and burned Rindarl prisoners of war to death back there, should I really be lecturing Rindarl about what’s inhumane?

“Well? In the end, what’s your name supposed to be?”

Ratoka interrupted from behind, saying he couldn’t believe such a ridiculous story, but I told the boy to ignore Ratoka, and with a bit of a bewildered expression, he answered that his name was Vanita.

“Ok then, Vanita. I think you understand that I need to find out some information from you, so first tell me what you have to say about Rindarl, and how it was that you came to be here.”

“We…… because I have some knowledge about Arxia, I was brought here. We were sufficient as scouts, and if we were captured and killed, I heard that it would lower Arxia’s morale.”

I also found out from Vanita that the scout unit consisted of slave children brought from various different places. And, everyone had some friends or relatives that were also enslaved, whose lives would be forfeit if a slave betrayed Rindarl. Before they departed, there was also a rumor spread around that a few of them were real Rindarl child soldiers infiltrating the slave unit, spying on them, so while the slave children were on their way to Arxia, none of them, including Vanita, had considered betraying Rindarl at that time.

“Before you departed, do you know where their main forces were located?”

“I don’t know the direction because there were no landmarks…… I was brought to a building that they constructed with stone walls, and given instructions there. Before then, everyone had been together, with their family members and friends that are now hostage. After that, we were blindfolded, put on horses, and we arrived at some forest, then we walked all the way towards this black iron fortress that we could see from the forest.”

“What exactly was your group ordered to come here and find out?”

As scouts, they’re still far too young, and as far as I can tell, none of them have even received any military training. Well, there’s the possibility that a few of them have been trained as scouts before, but either way, they should have been given some specific mission, instead of being sent here aimlessly just to lower our morale.

Vanita took a good look at me. Then, with fear in his voice, he spoke up again.

“……Our job was to see if there was a black-haired, red-eyed child here. A demon that drinks people’s blood, we were supposed to find out if Earl Kaldia was currently at Fort Jugfena.”

His voice left quite a deep impression because he was clearly being serious, while Oscar, Ratoka, and Claudia suddenly looked at me.

-After thinking for a moment, I shook my head slightly. For the time being, let’s trust this boy’s words.


40 responses to “Eliza chapter 176 – Listening to the boy’s circumstances

  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    They spent all that effort just to find her? For revenge or because their slave soldiers strategy likely won’t work on her?


    • They probably thought Eliza would mercilessly slaughter the slaves ruining the reputation of the Arxian Army, herself and wreck the morale.
      Too bad she’s far different from what they believe and it’s definitely going to bite back hard.

      Liked by 5 people

  2. Soo this is how they are going to start a new battle in this long war, huh?
    our Lady Saviour shall probably help the slaves, and rindarl is going to have more fear for her diviness herself before not too long (if they arren’t shitting the’re pant already muwhahaha)

    Joking aside, thanks for the mew chapters and the hard work!

    Liked by 3 people

      • Not sure about Bathory… I don’t know her story as well, but it looks like she was associated with “bathing in blood”, rather than drinking it.

        Vlad later became the inspiration behind Dracula and modern vampires overall, so the parallel of Eliza and Vlad is much stronger IMO.


    • It’s a justification. “The inhuman savages committed such vile acts, so we have no choice but to respond in kind!” Absolving themselves of their sins by pointing at those of their enemy.

      Do try to keep in mind that they were committing terrorist attacks on population centers and acts of genocide against populations they deemed undesirable.


  3. Of course these kind of people will be used to either enhance the rumor so they can join forces against her or debunk the rumor so the morale raised

    Well, that’s my speculation


  4. as demon that drink people’s blod, pfft. why would she drink a worthless beings blood? they are not worthy enough four our Eliza sama


      • They do not deserve to be returned to the earth. Stick them in trees, on spikes, burn them into nothing but ashes. To rot apon the rocks. But they shall not be buried, they would only be poison.

        Let them become signs of what is to come. And beacons of salvation to those on the other side.

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  5. Slave soldier: We were sent here to see if the scary merciless demon-child who drinks blood was present here.
    Claudia etc.: Eliza-sama, are you alr…
    Eliza: Hmm, sounds legit. *completely unphased*

    By the way, I was really interested in the situation of these other countries. When you think about it, it really makes sense: Arxia is an isolationist country, but it’s the most powerful country on the continent, so all those smaller countries must be desperately trying to know more about it. It must have felt terrible when they were sent to spy on this behemmoth country instead, probably never to come back alive.

    Since this boy keeps saying ‘I’m not who you think I am’ though, now I’m starting to wonder who he is. xD

    Oh and, OP Eliza, speaking other languages like it’s the natural thing to do. I wonder if there are really spies among those captives though. Shouldn’t Eliza be able to spot which ones they are? I mean, their ‘eyes’ are probably different.

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    • Hm… the politic situation is quite strange because their hegemonic country is also an isolationist country, but I’m not sure Arxia is totally one considering they still marry nobles from other country to their royal family and not totally closed off politically. More like they’re simply not expansionist.

      Yeah, at first the boy appear enigmatic but how he shows nervousness when Eliza interrogate him… he could still be a noble. Especially since he mention school, at least in the setting is middle age like era only those with high social rank can go to one.

      Nah, Eliza is a domain lord and she is warned before hand about which country is involved in this war… not OP. I’d say it’s totally normal for people of her status to master many language, especially one as hardworking as Eliza.


  6. Are we building Church of HIghness Eliza Kaldia now?
    The comment section is getting close writing the bible for Eliza aha ha ha…
    But seriously, is Rindal army’s generals all brain dead?
    How using child slave as sacrificial lamb a bright idea to lower opponents morale? It could work if Eliza isn’t the one starting using physiological tactic… but they’re late to this game. This could be easily thrown back at them… after all soldiers Eliza killed are older and part of Rindarl army that signed up for it (never mind the poor conscripted ones) so could be considered fair in war.
    In the other hand… Rindarl is sacrificing slave children that doesn’t belong to their country and dehumanize them. I’d like to see who smear their country’s reputation when the playing field is psychological tactics. If the conscience of their people isn’t dead yet, it would be Rindarl.


  7. Thanks for the chapters~ :3
    Hmm? I wonder who that boy is~
    Ahahahaha, I wonder why I feel happy by how the Rindarl descript Eliza. The spies children, what would Eliza do with them…


  8. Thanks for the chapter.

    I wonder if Rindarl send the slaves to search for Eliza because they thought she would slaughter them, which would have been bad for the Arxian morale (and for Eliza’s reputation)
    Too bad for them, Eliza has a hart (well, she does as long as you’re not going against her people. If you do, then Hell would be a release…)

    “A demon who drinks blood”
    So that’s how Rindarl sees the Lord…
    She really is becoming the Monster under their children’s bed :p
    If the heroine managed to go to the Arxian school, I wonder how she would react to the Demon?
    Well, at this point, I can’t really see why the daughter of a high-ranking noble of Rindarl (we learn in chapter 3.5 part two that the Heroine is called Emilia RINDARL) would go to school in a country against which they were at war.
    Perhaps she will be sent as a hostage for the peace treaty?


  9. So, how are they supposed to relay the information back if all of them have been captured? I hope nothing bad happens and no one dies…


  10. I really hope Vanita would be an ally. I like him already! When he looked at Eliza nervously and described her like how Rindarl soldiers described her, I LAUGHED SO HARD I thought I might choke.That was just so funny.



  11. I changed my mind about Eliza killing slave soldier. If it’s children, just recruit them to be an additional manpower a.k.a new citizens for Kaldia domain… no wait, that’ll likely bring opposition from the Nordsturms and more trouble for the future generation of Kaldia–so to speak, Eliza’s children with Zephyr(this is just my delusion and ship, ignore).

    I look forward into what Eliza’s going to do hohoho


  12. I’m trying to rationalize why anybody would think this kind of slave soldier was a good idea.
    So let’s get this straight:
    They’re not healthy and they’re not motivated to fight for you.
    Why would you deploy them on the battlefield? It’s not that you can’t have slaves be cannon fodder, but it’s like they’re not even trying.


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