Eliza chapter 174 – Getting stepped on

When Ergnade called for me to come to the dining hall for higher-ranked personnel, Wiegraf was already waiting there for me, smiling and waving hello. Maybe it’s because I have a closer relationship to the Einsbarks, I was called before Eric or Marquis Rolentsor.

“Eliza-dono. I’m glad to see you well.”

“Greetings, how are you doing, Earl Einsbark?”

“Mm, I’m the same as always. It’s good that there haven’t been many injured soldiers lately. I’m also grateful to the Fort Jugfena knight order for helping bring my adopted niece here safely. Please, go ahead and enjoy this insignificant meal.”

He waved at me and indicated my seat, which was right next to him. My adopted child relationship with Ergnade should extend only to the two of us, legally. What’s with him, calling me his adopted niece. I’ve never even heard of such a term.

I think that my thoughts may have shown slightly in my facial expression, as Wiegraf tilted his head with a hm? expression.

“Don’t make such a face, you should just give up and accept being called an adopted niece by my older brother.”

As I sat on the chair, I casually avoided looking at him. Back when Ergnade first proposed that I become his adopted daughter, he made a comment that I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not, asking if his family had discussed adoption with me yet. Then afterwards, letters indeed arrived from Wiegraf and Volmar for additional adoption proceedings, causing my cheeks to twitch just thinking about it. That was still back when I had no military achievements yet, so I declined politely, saying that there would be no benefits for them, but……

“I already receive plenty of protection from Ergnade, any more than this is……”

“Indeed. In fact, perhaps in a few years Ergnade may be the one receiving your protection.”

“……Surely you jest.”

Although he’s the third son, Ergnade is the direct descendant of the now Marquis Einsbark who’s ruling over the northern domains given to him that was confiscated from the Nordsturms. On top of that, he’s the leader of the Fort Jugfena knights, a powerful position. For an upstart like me to reverse the power balance between us in just a few years, it’s inconceivable.

“Ahh, okay, that was a joke. However, your name is now known far and wide, so I’ll be delighted if you contact me about adoption as well at any time. As long as it’s before you officially become an adult, even a secondary adoption is okay. After all, it’ll be too late if we wait another few years.”

Wiegraf was chuckling much like his father would have. ……I think that those from the Einsbark family can’t help it, they love joking around too much to the extent where they even joke about serious matters.



The atmosphere in the dining hall remained jovial, until Eric finally arrived. Apparently he must have been uncomfortable eating with people so closely connected to me, he only responded curtly to Wiegraf’s welcome.

As I explained the situation at school between Eric, Sieghart, and me to the Einsbarks beforehand, Wiegraf and Ergnade were rather lukewarm in their attitudes toward Eric, but he didn’t seem to notice. Well, it’s better if he doesn’t notice. There’s nothing as troublesome as a child that’s throwing a tantrum – I couldn’t help but think back to what happened with Ratoka several years ago.

“……no time to relax. There’s an immense enemy army of more than 100,000 soldiers, including at least 30,000 slave soldiers, that will soon be pressing up against our borders. That’s why I went to the trouble of returning here to the border, at top speed.”

Eric’s irritation level seemed to reach its maximum, right as we had stopped making idle chatter and were discussing methods to deal with the enemy slave army. Just as I was giving them the bad news, I glanced over at Eric, wondering if I had left him alone for too long.

“Wonderful. Knowing the exact severity of the danger you’re dealing with, is one of the most important things on the battlefield.”

Ergnade was grinning as he made such a comment. Since I had given him such bad news, I didn’t expect that he would praise me. Eric was now looking at Ergnade with a blank expression of amazement.

“However, the enemy soldiers haven’t arrived on our borders quite yet. According to our scout teams, it doesn’t seem like their reinforcements have already reached the frontlines. We use draconis that have excellent senses which can detect enemies from afar and read the wind. When the enemy’s troops amass and attack our border, we’ll be informed beforehand, so rest assured.”


Was it the one I saw? Eric’s face seemed to be distorting into a sullen expression again. He looked at me for an instant, and he furrowed his eyebrows even deeper. Does he have something against Rashiok? Although, Rashiok was by my side during our entire trip here, so I don’t think Rashiok has ever done anything to him before.

Then, Eric suddenly changed his distorted expression into that of a smile as he spoke up.

“If the draconis is such a useful beast, wouldn’t you also like one for a personal bodyguard, eh, Marquis Rolentsor? I was thinking this on the way as well, but a draconis seems like a suitable beast for the future king to ride. If its sense of smell can detect people from so far away, it must also be able to detect poisons and metals. As such, don’t you think it would make an excellent gift for the royal family?”

I was speechless. I could sense the malice dripping from Eric’s words, this was a direct attack against me. Other than me, all the people here were closer to the “future king” than I am.

……I see. So, he wants to separate Rashiok from me? I could hear the sound of my teeth beginning to grind unconsciously.


51 responses to “Eliza chapter 174 – Getting stepped on

    • “Eric, the last person how tried to separate us ended up dead and please remember, history tends to repeat itself.”


    • That’s pretty bad form in general.
      Any statement of:
      “Hey that possession or employee of yours is too good for you. Let me commandeer it.”
      Is not going to go over well with anybody. He knows he’s being deeply insulting and doesn’t care.


    • I am pretty sure she is currently looking like a monster at him, and pretty sure she will keep being such until she makes him pay.


      • She’s probably the only one not glaring monstrously (she will still be looking for ways to resolve the situation). Forgive me if I’m wrong but from my knowledge this is a huge hall filled with Elizas adoptive family and their high ranking subordinates (most of whom should know the contributions Eliza, Rashiok and her Kaldia army have made to the frontlines and at the very least guess how heavy a blow it would be to lose any one of those in regards to Kaldias sum forces)

        I think her position was made quite clear when Ergnade invited her first to the meal over a Marquis. Eliza did say at the end that “all the people here were closer to the ‘future king’ than I am.” But I would hope that’s just her underestimating herself, it wouldn’t be the first time she’s done it (though her political observations tend to be spot on.)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    Aww, so the Einsbark family love their new family member. That, or they have a plan or some short that has something with our queen.
    Oh God please not Rashiok. Kamil’s death was painful enough to read. Please, author-sama, don’t separate him from Eliza…

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    • Military nobles as a whole generally seem to like Eliza, in part thanks to her contributions to the war effort. The Einsbarks in particular have good reason, as she and her soldiers rescued then Earl Einsbark during the attack on Jugfena.

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  2. Ah? Would you like for me to rip out your throat, Eric? Better yet, Eliza can just impale him. To suggest such a thing…there’s a limit to how nasty and stupid you can be. I hope he gets his ass slapped and handed to him by those higher ranks and Eliza. He better get some whooping. Have had enough of his annoyingly petty bs >:00000 Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Welp, this looks like the point where Eliza’s evaluation of Eric will shift dramatically. No longer just an annoying child to handle, but an enemy to destroy.

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  4. I’m pretty sure that even if they tried to separate Rashiok from Eliza, Rashiok himself would refuse.
    Heck, he might even attack Eric for that…

    Also, attacking Eliza in the middle of the Einsbark family? Really Eric?
    I nominate the stupid brat for the Darwin Award.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  5. ” As such, don’t you think it would make an excellent gift for the royal family?”
    ”That may be so, but there are a lot of troubles one needs to care to take care of them and they can only be tamed while still small, after tamed they will follow only the one who tamed them for their whole life. So do you think its a good idea to give the King a baby Draconis and tell him to take care of it? I think the King is already busy enough and taking care of Dragonis is a job for those who actually battle in the battlefield.”

    or something like this XD

    Thanks for the translation!

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  6. Eliza continues to be convinced that she is pokerfaced, everyone else continues to be able to read her expressions like a book.

    Thank you for the chapter.

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  7. Haha, Eric must be in a bad mood because nothing is going the way he thinks. Like:
    Eric: We’ll see her true colors on this trip!
    Rashiok: woof woof!
    Eliza: Down boy, I’m happy to see you too.
    Eric: Wtf? She has a (big) dog? Hmph, it’s just a dumb an…
    Some guy: Eliza-sama! Did you bring snacks?
    Eliza: Sorry, maybe next time.
    Eric: She gets along with her subordinates? It’s almost like she has -friends-. Hmph, she’s still an orph…
    Ergnade and co: How’s our favorite (adopted) daughter/niece? How’s school? How’s the food? How about you call us father/uncle?
    Eric: W-what’s this? She has a loving family, friends And a dog! …I don’t even have a dog! At the very least, I can’t let her have a dog!
    Eric: Hey you! Hand over that dog!
    Eliza: ?!

    Silly Eric. Didn’t you realize you’re on Eliza’s ‘home turf’? Be careful not to get dragged off by the Einsbarks for some ‘noble training.’

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  8. Oh and, Earl Einsbark got promoted to Marquis after all. Eliza’s now the favorite adopted child of a Marquis family, but she doesn’t have any awareness of the fact at all. It seems the Einsbarks were fighting one another to adopt her too, but crafty Ergnade got to her first. xD

    They obviously have a beef against Eric now too, and are even rubbing in how smart Eliza is. xD Eric won’t stand a chance.

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  9. My sliver of hope that Eric is not that bad is starting to flutter away slowly. He’s starting to annoy me already. That boy mastered the art of annoying someone. That could really get him killed someday. Eric, you wanna die?

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    • He’s a brat throwing a tantrum. If that’s the best he can do, I wouldn’t worry too much about him. Remember Eliza had to handle way bigger opponents like the Nordsturms and the Denzel soldiers. Eric is a bit like an annoying fly buzzing around your head: annoying, but ultimately harmless. I think Eliza’s bigger headache came from Sieghart’s side. xD

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      • You’re right, Eliza’s way too mature to feel intimated to that kid anyway hahahaha. Seriously, that kid’s like got a screw loose. I hope that he would hit his head or Eliza herself hit him in the head in order to put it back in working condition.


  10. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I would like to nominate Eric for the Darwin Award. Of course he’ll have to die to receive it.


  11. Thank you for the chapter.
    I wonder if the others will defend Eliza and her draconis, how is Rolentsor going to answer that?


  12. You can slander her and she won’t bat an eye, you can harrass her retainers and she could still hold herself. But, try to separate her from her pet that she took care from childhood, I would’ve covered anything she will do to you if I can.


  13. thank you~

    Dear Author, please send Eric to the front line by his own stupidity and have him beaten up to an almost fatality stage both physically and mentally before getting saved by Eliza and Rashiok.

    i just noticed, after all this chapters, i always read Ergnade as Engrande lol :v


  14. *Eliza exploded*
    Eric: w-what?
    Eliza: Nothing, I was just wondering what is your height.
    Eric: w-what f-for?
    Eliza: Smile* ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)
    Ergnade: Smile* ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)
    Weigraf: Smile* ( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)
    Eric: Guys your eyes isn’t SMILING! \(º □ º l|l)/
    Rolentsor: Looks sad* ( . •́ _ʖ •̀ .)


  15. “Men, grab the torches! unseath your swords! Ready the gigantic spear!
    that little bastard has insulted our Lord Saviour Eliza Kaldia Einsbark way too many times, and such, he must pay for his blasphamy and herecy!
    and such, we shall impale the bastard for his hypocriticy and slander!” yelled a certain lunitac while holding the flag with the crest of Lady Eliza infront a mad and incited croud, and thus, eric’s end was nigh….


  16. Everyone but Eliza and Eric took a step away from the table and retreated to the other side of the room. “Excuse me? I must have heard wrong,” Crimson eyes darkening, “What was that about my dragon?”

    And it was at this moment, Eric knew. He effed up.


  17. This is late but can anyone refresh my mind at who is Marquis Rolentsor? Is he Sieghart’s… er father? Grandpa? He’s from the same family as Claudia, right? So far he never spoke a word


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