Eliza chapter 175 – Gaze into the abyss

“I see, indeed that may be the case.”

Marquis Rolentsor nodded. At seeing that the marquis obviously agreed with him, Eric shot me a triumphant look for an instant. I avoided his gaze, and looked at my spoon instead.

“Then, shall we make an agreement about the next baby draconis you receive here?”

“I believe that their breeding season is in spring. I don’t know when we’ll be fortunate enough to acquire another baby draconis, but I’ll make the arrangements.”

The next moment, Marquis Rolentsor and Wiegraf were making a gentleman’s agreement for a future baby draconis, while I could see Eric with a stupefied expression, as if he was saying “huh?”

Well, he wanted to separate Rashiok from me by any excuse, but unfortunately for him, a draconis never changes its master. There’s no records in history of what a draconis may do if it’s forcibly separated from its master, as it’s never been done before, considering the fact that draconis are both extremely rare and powerful.

“……If it’s to be a draconis for royalty, I think a silver-white one would have a better appearance. While silver-blue is also a rare color, silver-white stands out more and complements the royalty.”

I remembered the white draconis that was getting close to Rashiok earlier today, so of course Ergnade and Wiegraf must also know about that draconis, as they were grinning. It feels like they must intend to plan on using that draconis instead in a future breeding plan.

Whether or not one of Rashiok’s children will become a royal draconis is something I don’t know, after all, there were three of Rashiok’s siblings that were sent here to Fort Jugfena before, and two of them were female. Judging by the evidence that a wild draconis actually came here as well, due to the fortress being located at the feet of the Amon Nor mountains, the draconis here will have a much easier time finding a breeding partner, than Rashiok who usually travels around with me.

Eric’s face showed that his mood was even worse now due to things not going his way, and everyone else was also showing cold expressions. Well, that’s just how things are. And when you think about it, a draconis with only one wing like Rashiok wouldn’t make a suitable gift for the royal family. Besides, I’m not sure Rashiok would enjoy that type of atmosphere either, being with the royal family.

Apart from all that, even if it was allowed, it would only be the king or the crown prince that would receive a draconis, certainly not a second son from the archduke’s family born from a concubine who was sent close to the frontlines without much resistance.

……Without letting others know, I sighed mentally. Although I didn’t intend to denigrate Eric’s status for the way he was born, I realize that it’s a fact of life in this world that your parents determine your social status from the time you were born, and I feel like it’s affected my way of thinking just a little.

If I had been born a commoner in this world, then I would just be a commoner. But I was born into a noble family like the Kaldias, and the blood of that unimaginably evil family runs in me.


Early next morning, before Eric’s scheduled speech for the soldiers, Fort Jugfena was already on full alert and combat ready at a moment’s notice. Before sunrise, enemy scout troops had been detected invading the border. Of course, Fort Jugfena didn’t have the luxury of just letting them do as they liked without responding, so our soldiers went out and captured all the enemies.

“It seems that all the captured enemies have been branded with slave markings. Until we decide what to do with them, I’ll leave them here, is that alright?”

“I can lend you our prison, that’s fine.”

“I see. Then, I shall borrow the key to the prison from you for the time being, and imprison them in the two-floor underground dungeon below the training grounds.”

I had that conversation with Wiegraf earlier this morning, and I was now holding on to a heavy key ring. While playing with the keys, causing a jangling sound, I took Gunther and Ratoka with me, to the underground dungeon where the slave soldiers were imprisoned.

If the enemy scouts have arrived, their main army will be attacking at any moment. Ergnade and Marquis Rolentsor have already taken some soldiers to our most frontline position. I wanted to confirm the status of the slave soldiers as soon as possible before it was decided what to do with them.

“Elise, Gunther, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, feel free to leave the dungeon immediately.”

After letting both of them know that they could leave if they wanted, I unlocked the heavy door and descended the steps down into the dungeon. I imagined a dungeon like the one underground in my Mansion of Golden Hills, but this one wasn’t in such bad taste. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all made of polished stone, although the air inside was a bit stuffy. The slave soldiers were locked together in a big jail cell in the back, and as we approached, some of them noticed and were looking at us.

……There’s no light of life in their eyes at all. I reflexively looked back at Ratoka behind me. Back when I was talking to him while he was in my jail cell, he had those same eyes.



I turned my head back around, and began inspecting each of the captured slave soldiers one by one. They’re mostly silver-haired, tan-skinned children around my age, which are physical characteristics that you wouldn’t see in Arxia, they appear quite malnourished, and they were huddling close to each other with exhausted expressions. From among them, I noticed one who was observing me quite closely. Even when I looked directly at him, he didn’t try to avert his golden eyes, and I beckoned to him.

“You there, come out front.”

After calling him, I regretted making him come out front, because when he stood up and I could see him more clearly, he was dragging his thin body as he supported himself with his hand along the wall. This slave soldier who seemed just a little bit older than me, was missing his right leg.


19 responses to “Eliza chapter 175 – Gaze into the abyss

  1. Ay…will those slave soldiers convert to Eliza’s side? It seems she feels for them…well, especially the kid with the missing leg. I really do hope that they become a part of Eliza’s support tho :000. Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 13 people

      • I’m more amused that she thinks she can give Claudia permission to leave her side. Yes, the woman that dreamt of being a knight all her life is not going to be your bodyguard right at this moment.


  2. Heh… nothing goes your way huh, Eric?
    THen again, why the heck this brat try to plot against an established domain lord with connection? In her home ground *military nobles* no less? Where did Eric get the idea, anyone there would side with him against Eliza?

    She is practically their most favored child and most likely the pillar of future generation. Eric in the other hand just have better birth but zero accomplishment. From what I see the military is at least partially meritocracy, in which age and birth be damned if you have accomplishment. Considering the crown prince’ group of friends now divided to Gray&Eric VS Sieghard +Eliza+ Zephyr

    I can see the crown prince IF he has to choose will take Sieghard’s simply because as the crown prince he has support of most Arxian noble in capital because he is pure Arxian royalty unlike his brother BUT… military nobles like Rolentsor and Eliza are different because they’re more distant to nobles from capital as seen by how Eliza acts around him. It’s not much a stretch to think the noble in house of lord could decide something that trigger war *forbidding first prince from going to noble school* but the one who clean up the mess is border domain like Eliza and military nobles.

    So getting their support is harder and can’t be taken like granted by the Crown prince.
    This also explain why he is so eager to get close to Eliza by the first day, and we can bet he is going to try harder.

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    • If I have to guess:
      A bad initial impression that only worsen over time because:
      A) He refuses to admit he’s wrong.
      B) He refuses to treat her as equal, and only want her as ‘subordinate’
      C) His family seem to be ‘against’ Eliza so he can’t really go against them.

      The C bit is probably just the initial spark, and A is just his hubris.
      But B is where I’m not sure what’s his deal is.
      Like, on one hand it seems like him forcing Rashiok to be handed over to him (or to the royal family) is a dick move against Eliza.
      On the other hand, it could be interpret as a version of taking a girl’s thing from her to make her pay attention to him.
      That’s one thing, but his strange obsession of making himself as the alpha is…let’s just say something about him killing his mother might be related to this obsession.

      Kid’s god trust issue.

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    • Even if Kaldia were not a favored daughter, nobody would take Eric’s side. An absolute monarch could definitely deprive you of property on a whim, but he wouldn’t be well thought of for doing so. People would see him as a tyrant.

      The nobility is a rather strong and entrenched political class in Arxia too and are all ostensibly there because their religious law said so and are nominally more meritocratic than average. So the idea that you could just take their shit whenever you want is a really dumb notion.


      • Well… he is dumb, and I suppose looking at how the Arxian works so far the nobility is not blindly on bloodline but merit too as you say. As it seems they have capable nobility ruling the country in general, at least Arxia is implied better off than its surrounding country.

        So yeah, Eric is an idiot… as someone born of concubine and perhaps not favored he should avoid picking a fight with anyone. It’s more make sense for Gray (the heir) to do so yet it’s Eric who openly pick it with Eliza. Also… does this guy have no fear he would be offed in secret? The place they go isn’t front line but close and strategic location to their enemies, as a noble shouldn’t he… more aware he could be tossed to the wolves and none would be wiser?


  3. I think that some of the slave scouts should be sent back to the enemy army to report to the rest of the slave soldiers that Arxia will not harm them if they do not fight (and provide basic needs to live if they work) and go to a place where they can be gotten after the battle (a location Arxia could defend against easily in case Rindarl learns too soon and has the slaves attack from fear or something). Best case scenario, all the slave soldiers will desert Rindarl, causing chaos in their sudden action, and leave the main force the only foe to fight. Worst case (assuming it spreads at all), some slaves desert, some don’t (or do not learn in time), Rindarl learns of it and tries to stop it, and it is just chaotic. This is still a win for Arxia as Rindarl will have in-fighting and have a harder time defending. All in all, whether it completely succeeds, partially, or not at all, it is still a better plan than doing nothing and not trying to make the most of a possible opportunity.


    • The best way to deal an enemy with 0 loyality and morale is to turn them agains’t their ‘lords’. I expect Eliza to succeed turning the slave tactics agains’t Densel with rebellion.
      This may also serve as inpetus to cause Arxia to lose its reclusive policy and make foreign intervention on the city states.
      If the ‘Heroine’ is a reincarnator who plotted the war then she screwed up big time. Or perhaps in the game she was always a sacrificial goat to apologize for the war.

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  4. Thanks 4 chapter!

    Even if they are slave soldiers, they should be healthy enough to be soldiers. The missing leg might be from battle, but the malnourishment seems to be from before capture. Conscripted peasants would probably perform better than them. As they are, they are just weak meat shields with almost no offensive power.

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    • It was already explained what purpose they serve. They’re meant to charge into the Arxians and bog them down in a melee. Essentially forcing the high minded royal army soldiers to butcher enslaved children. It’s a shock tactic designed to rattle their morale and create an opening at minimal cost to the Rindarl economy.

      Conscription is extremely expensive in terms of long term economic damage, as you’re sending your labor force out to die in droves.

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      • Gotta reread that part. It’s getting harder and harder to remember things lately.


  5. Eliza, you don’t realize the joke’s on you. What are you going to do when a baby draconis is gifted to the Crown Prince and he keeps bugging you for tips on how to raise it, and also because the baby draconis always wants to see Eliza because she’s its daddy’s master? xD

    But congratulations Eric, you get to separate a baby from its parents. Good work there. xD

    Pity Eric didn’t come along to the dungeons. Then we could have this scene:
    Eric: Whoa what happened to Him?
    Eliza: He probably tried to separate someone from their draconis.
    Eric: Eeeh??

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  6. Thank you for the chapter.
    It might not be a generic otome game novel, but the political intrigues and military talks are the best!
    All Hail Eliza-sama~ >w<


  7. Thanks for the chapters~ :3
    Waaah you updated 2 chapters while I was asleep…
    Eat that, Eric! You’re not very good at coming up with a plan, do you? If you want to ruin Eliza, you should’ve done some research before forming that kind of plan. Or else, you’d just embarrass yourself.
    Those kids… I hope Eliza would save them.


  8. Thank you for the chapter!!!

    I’m excitedly waiting for Eliza to show how amazing she is to that spoiled brat Eric in order for him to stop messing with her ever again. I want to see him mouth agape and eyes astonished while looking at Eliza. He needs to learn his place.

    It is nice to see how this novel deliberately breaks down stereotypes like for women or for disabled people. Regardless that the slave soldier is missing a leg, he looks like he got the most spunk than the other slaves. That slave soldier seems like he will be a promising ally for Eliza.


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